Intense Rock - it's hard, emotional, melodic, modern with a incredible live performance.


Treekillaz" – yet another hardcore Punk band? At the beginning of their career, seven years ago, yes perhaps. Yet they were quick to take off in their own direction, playing `Popcore` before it was the word on everyone`s lips, and have been constantly developing themselves since. Their style today is best described at `Intense-Rock`: rock which is harder, more intense and emotional, mixed with a pinch of Grunge and Punk. Or put more simply – strong guitar riffs with a catchy melody.

Treekillaz" is made up of four young Biel-based male band members who set out to kill trees and... actually, no, that isn’t quite true! The band`s name goes back to a story once featured in the local Biel newspaper, `Bieler Anzeiger`. Apparently a man was trying to score points from the opposite sex by going out for walks with a fake mobile phone. He was so taken by the female attention that he ran into a tree and died.

The sound produced by the band-members forgets all about trees, female attention and mobile phones. Once drummer Tom, bass-player Chab get going, and guitarist Jessi and singer Martin join them, it`s enough to capture the heart of any rock-lover.

The first album, `Oxygently` was released in November 2000. and the european rock-gods were quick to hear it. Treekillaz" embarked on a second tour in Holland and Germany and made around 80 appearances on various stages throughout 2001. The boys from Biel place a lot of emphasis on their performance and presence on stage. The public have rewarded them with great loyalty.

In October 2001 Treekillaz" went back to the Mazzive Sounds Studio in Nidau. The second album, `Indiva` was recorded under the watchful eye of perfectionist Serge Christen from `Mud Slick`. Serge is one of the Swiss rock music producers most in demand. As the Treekillaz" wanted to progress further they decided to get their tracks mixed in Germany. Georg and Tinta, better known in Switzerland as members of `H-Blockx` are responsible for the powerful sound of the track on `Indiva`. Not a bad start! The video of the song `Old Man` really demonstrates this with its special visual element.

In 2003 Treekillaz" signed a contract with Warner Music Switzerland and released "Indiva" which was there biggest success in the band history. They were previously with the Basel-based label, N-Gage.

In 2005 treekillaz" went back to the studio. Not any studio. It was the fear & loathing in Stockholm and the producers of the latest CD (Leaving Last) were Clawfinger which they knew from their tours through Europe. The sound is more treekillaz" then ever and if the band's not dead know, they will play somewhere in this world......

Treekillaz" are working in 2007 on a new album which should come out end of the year.


2005 - "Leaving Last" - N-Gage Productions
2003 - "Indiva" - Warner Music
2001 - "Oxygently" - N-Gage Productions

Set List

A mix between all 3 albums