Lethbridge, Alberta, CAN

Marinating in the underbelly of the Western Canadian Music Scene for awhile now. Typified by a love of traditional country, short measure boot stomp and a deep respect for the song writing and show band pioneers of the yesteryear.


Prairie Sentimentalist is the first full length record from alt-country quartet, Treeline. Preceded by two EPs, this latest recording sees Ryan Dyck (Danny) and the boys leaving the basement for the studio. Prairie Sentimentalist is a split album, featuring Edmontonian songwriter Sean Brewer, best known as the main face of former western fusionists, The Uncas. After being introduced by a mutual friend in 2009, Treeline and Brewer began sharing the stage. It was a perfect match, a marriage born of a shared love for old-time lyric driven country songs, and long nights in the tavern. Their frequent live collaborations eventually led them to Scott Franchuk of Edmonton’s Riverdale Recorders, whose portfolio includes the likes of Treeline influences Old Reliable and The Swiftys. The result is a beautifully crafted coming of age record. Though distinct in their lyricism and vocal delivery, songwriters Danny and Brewer tend towards similar motifs, making Prairie Sentimentalist sound less like a split album and more like a forty-minute duet. While Danny offers earnest, half-spoken vocals and a careful attention to lyrics, Brewer’s warm, nasally vocals give perfect voice to the album’s grungier tracks. Both songwriters are occasionally accompanied by the sweet backing vocals of recent Treeline recruit, Tyler Bird, who also plays double bass on the record. Bird’s traditional bass lines and Clayton Smith’s understated drumming are affectively interspersed with pedal steel, organ, banjo, fiddle and, of course, electric guitar. Taylor Ackerman’s guitar work gives Prairie Sentimentalist the spontaneous feel that has come to define Treeline’s unique country sound. Born of the local landscape, the half-sardonically titled Prairie Sentimentalist is a truly impressive record. It tells of prairie towns with their dusty sunsets, toppling grain elevators, lonesome highways and dying churches, not out of nostalgia, but out of a kind of appreciation for things betrayed.
-Robert O'Hara


Tavern EP (June 2010)
"old-school country all the way."
-Richard Amery, LA Beat

Prairie Sentimentalist w/ Sean Brewer (May 2011)
"peppered with poetic references to sunsets and highways, freight trains and tumbleweeds, the influence of legends like Neil Young and Merle Haggard is clear. However, whether they're performing a sad waltz or an up-tempo bluegrass rocker, these six gentlemen are blazing their own dusty trail."
-Chris Hibbard

Set List

Capable of playing two 45min sets of original material plus choice covers. Maxed at three 45 min sets.

Some familiar covers in repertoire.

Louvin Brothers
Cash on the Barrelhead

Gram Parsons
Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man

Johnny Cash
I'd Rather Die Young

Ian Tyson
MC Horses