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A smooth mix of HipHop tastefully blended with R&B


Treeo is a three member group that resides in the state of Michigan. They consists of Moody-G(26), K-Dubb(25), and Bolo(23). They began working with each other in the year of 1998 which they began working on their first maxi single entitled Let's Get It On. The album did very well and Treeo immediately began to get noticed by many. They began performing at many venues in which all sold out. They would describe their music as a mix of Rap/HipHop, tasefully blended with R&B.
They went on to release their second LP entitled Welcome To Battle Creek(City Of The Cereal) in 2000.
They have currently finished their third LP which is entitled We Back and is currently in stores now. You can listen to some of their music from their first album at And if you like what you hear, it can be purchased on CDBaby.
Also they are still holdin it down on with five of their songs in the top 100 countdown. They are ready for the world, the question is are they ready for them!!!


Get On Tha Floor

Written By: Treeo

Get On The floor(drop it down low)Get on the floor(shake a lil more)Get on the floor(pop it drop it get back up and twirk some more)Get on the floor(drop it down low)Get on the floor(shake a lil more)Get on the floor(Let me hear you say Treeo, Treeo

Im scopin you work that thang the way you twirkin girl got a nigga wantin to bang and I wanna know your name. Can I get yo phone number cause I was kind wonderin (what u doin after 2 can I roll wit you)girl I got the fifth of hennessey, if you got the tree all that I can see is u on top of me. But until the club is over I wanna get to know you just bend on over while I hold u by your shoulder. (Hook)

Get on the floor drop it down low and shake like u aint never shook before. All my girls in the thong just back it up, all my thugs get behind wanna smack the butt. Damn girl that ass sittin thick I wanna see what u workin with feelin on ya booty like a nigga trynin hit. Thats it dont stop girl do that shit.
Work it work it I wanna see what u gone do for me. Im feelin u I hope u feel the same bout me. Lady ooo wee that shit u wearin got u lookin sexy can we

All my girls get on the floor take it down low show these hoes aint no need for the hatin no more. Show em how we got this shit on lock and how we plan to take it right on to the top cause when Treeo Click steps in the club instead of showin love they wanna mean mug. But we still gone get our groove on and we still gone get our drink on so u might as well


1. Let's Get It On(Maxi Single) released in 99'
2. Welcome To Battle Creek(City Of The Cereal) released in 2000'
3. We Back released on Dec 21, 2004

You can go to to listen to music from the albums. Also they can be purchased online at

Set List

Treeo usually does 45 min. sets. However many songs we can cover in that time frame is what they do. They have 6 dancers, 3 men and 3 women and that is usually how they would start a set. Thats a good way to start things off.