Trees on Fire

Trees on Fire

 Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Smokin’ hot music with a cause describes the provocative, innovative and eco-promoting material of the Charlottesville, VA rock band Trees on Fire. After nearly 4, the band has built a sizable fan base and captured the attention of music heavyweights such as violinist Boyd Tinsley of DMB.


“[Q]uality is the essential element that unites [Trees on Fire’s] music… [T]he fresh
pairing of music, activism[, and…] commitment of presence [they] bring
to performances will grab listeners in each song.”
– David Brian James, Tribes Magazine

“[Trees on Fire’s] music is a reflection of the current crisis we’re all in right now around the globe and the need to make some better decisions,” says Rob Mezzanotte (vocals, guitar, saxophone, keys), whom shares the same sentiments as his band members: Justin Esposito (keys, violin, guitar, vocals), Blake Hunter (guitar, vocals), Paul Rosner (drums, vocals), and Brian Wahl (bass). “There’s a lot of injustice that needs to change. We’ve got to realize that we’re all connected through a fine thread with our ecosystem and everything that’s in it.”

Trees on Fire first sprouted its roots in 2005 amidst the hills and woodlands of Charlottesville, Virginia. The quintet, lauded by many as “hybrid-rock geniuses,” has been scorching the music scene since its inception. Daily rehearsals, frequent live performances, and collective ecosystem platforms cultivate the band’s undeniable chemistry. The mix of two former opera singers turned prolific songwriters, two symphonic virtuosos turned rock ‘n’ rollers, and one irrefutably tasteful percussionist creates a dynamic blend of sounds.

Known for its ear-catching fusion of reggae, hip hop, rock, electronica, classical, klezmer, funk, and beyond, Buzz News Reporter Ken Payne hails Trees on Fire’s “razor-sharp four-part harmonies and organic world rhythms… original, innovative grooves [with] inspirational messages…” It’s no surprise the band’s high-energy and multi-cultural melodies lure and stir the senses of wide audiences, while Dave Matthews Band’s Boyd Tinsley attests “[Trees on Fire is] a band to watch for sure.”

Organica (2010), Trees on Fire’s debut full-length album delivers “chill funk to rockin’ funk mingled with organic soul,” says Helen Brown, Director, Vice President and Correspondent of Magazine 33. Produced by Trees on Fire, alongside mastermind producers Rob Evans (Dave Matthews Band, Tim Reynolds Trio) and Eric Heigle, Organica, as Brown describes, “takes listeners from the heights of the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains to the buzzing swamps and bayous of the bottom-land.” Recorded in the woods of central Virginia and at Louisiana’s hidden gem, Dockside Studios, where such artists as BB King, Taj Mahal, Mark Knopfler, and Sonny Landreth have recorded, Organica is the first of what is sure to be many Trees on Fire albums.

Trees on Fire’s first release, The Green Room (2007), similarly captured the band’s genre-blending tendencies. Pulling from such diverse influences as Bob Marley, the Beatles, Bach, Chopin, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, Cake, Radiohead, the Meters, Beck, Iron and Wine, Led Zeppelin, Stray Cats, and Miles, Trees on Fire creates an authentic earthy sound, revealing the band’s burning passion to not just spread love, goodwill, and great music, but to expand, explore, and enjoy every minute of the experience.

Organica and The Green Room reflect only a part of the legacy the band intends to leave behind. Tracks such as “Falling Down,” “Into the Fire,” “Take a Seat,” and “Birds and the Bees” explore themes that also cultivate a better planet and challenge corporate and political leaders to notice the increasing need for energy policy change. Trees on Fire particularly seeks to help eliminate the devastating practices of mountaintop removal, coal mining in Appalachia, and clear-cutting of the Atchafalaya River Basin in Louisiana. As a testament to Trees on Fire’s commitment, the band also donates five-percent of the proceeds from its album sales to two key organizations, Atchafalaya Basinkeeper and Appalachian Voices, which dedicate resources to preserve the earth’s invaluable natural landscapes.

Recognized for raising awareness and funds for a number of other organizations, including Sierra Club, Building Goodness Foundation, Climate Ride, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, and others, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine has voted Trees on Fire as the “Greenest Regional Band” and Sierra Club has acknowledged the band’s efforts on its website. Kid Pan Alley, an organization which inspires children to create music by pairing them as songwriters with professional musicians, further featured Trees on Fire on its compilation CD, along with tracks from Cracker, Jesse Winchester, members of Everything, and actress Sissy Spacek.

“Trees on Fire’s stellar written and recorded tunes compliment the band’s dedication to promote sustainable environmental as well as valiant community service practices, exhibiting one of the various reasons we selected [the band] as the winner of our Music Division competition,” states Gabrielle Bailey, Senior Public Relations Associate of Silver Starr Art Studios LLC. Stay tuned, Trees on Fire 2010-2011 nationwide tour, coming to a city near you. For more details about Tre


Waking Up

Written By: Trees on Fire

Oh don't you know?
All around this town oh yes
All around this town they'll be waking up more every day
All around this town they'll be getting closer every day
All around this town they'll be waking up more
Every day every day

Waking up is hard to do
in the morning when you're tired and lonely too
you could be the only to feel so lonely

Oh yes I see we'll all become one big family
I do believe we'll all become family.

Waking up is hard to do


Written By: Trees on Fire


where did I get this fear?
close enough to own
as long as it's rising on the horizon
Freedom can be a heavy stone.

I don't know why we think we own it all
we think we owe nothing to the world we're on
we've got a lot to pay back to our only love
mother earth father tree

Imagine there is no fear
closer now to love
I see it rising on the horizon

I don't know why we think we own it all
we think we owe nothing to the world we're on
we've got a lot to pay back to our only love
mother earth father tree


Written By: Trees on Fire

All the people in the back of the bus let’s move forward and take what
we’ve lost. Don’t tell the people that your trying to change. Hate
doesn’t work in this game. All the people just hanging around let’s
move forward without making a sound. Undercover lovers let’s take to
the streets and move all the people we meet

Live Life

Written By: Trees on Fire

Laugh Laugh like you never laughed before this shit is funny honey ha
ha ha ha tell me more. Run Run like you're running for your life your
life one life. No yeilding to the red light. Jump Jump like you're
reaching to the sky high high make it like a spaceship. Now spin spin
kick up dust like a sand storm blow blow away all that keeps you to
the floor.

Live life

Yell Yell like you’ve never yelled before. Scream it out leave the
whispers at the back door. Love Love like your doin it for the first
time mm mm baby baby baby will you be mine? Tick Tock goes the clock but its not to late blood pumping blood pumping yeah it feels great. Live live like you never lived before. The world's awaiting so get out to the dance floor.

Live life

Don’t hesitate life awaits no use sitting in disgrace. The writing's on the
wall. Fly fly away to this state to that moment that awaits. The writing's on the wall.

In the Middle

Written By: Trees on Fire

I’ve got these voices in my head I’ve got these voices in my head. I’m
falling even more in line. They say, "Feel your body pulsing to the
rhythm of the wind. Be quiet and you’ll find, all you need to know’s
already inside. Feel the earth underneath you. It’s alive. Be quiet
and you’ll find, all you need to know’s already inside. Don’t call me
crying, in the middle of the night, in the middle of the night."

I’ve got these voices in my head I’ve got these voices in my head. I’m
falling even more in line. They say, "Feel the water flowing through
you like a river of time. Be quiet and you’ll find all you need to
know’s already inside. Feel the stars above you. They're alive. Be quiet
and you’ll find, all you need to know’s already inside. Don’t call me
crying, in the middle of the the night, In the middle of the night."


Organica Volume One - released January 2009
Available on itunes and at

Organica Volume Two - release date April 22, 2009
Will be available on iTunes and

The Green Room - released summer 2007
Available at iTunes &

Airplay on 106.1 "The Corner" , 91.9 WNRN, 88.7 WXJM, 90.7 WVTU, 97.5 3WV

Set List

Birds and the Bees
Camel Walk
Just Because
Falling Down
She'll Go
Telling Dartman
Take A Seat
In The Middle
Dream Always
Into the Fire
San Francisco
"C" The Sharpness
Here We Come
Everything You Need
Day Old
Making Love is Not A Crime
The Klezz

Burning Down the House (Talking Heads)
Walking On The Moon (The Police)
So Lonely (The Police)
I'm Only Sleeping (The Beatles)
Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
Taxman (The Beatles)
Mellow Mood (Bob Marley)
Turn the Screws (Cake)
Too Many People (McCartney)
Creep (Radiohead)
You and Whose Army (Radiohead)
Angel (Jimi Hendrix)
Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix)
If You Want Me to Stay (Sly the Family Stone)
Who Is He? (Bill Withers)
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Sonny Boy Williamson)

We are prepared to perform two one-hour sets.