Tree Theatre

Tree Theatre

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Two-person improv based comedy! Tree Theatre crafts smartly written hip-hop, monster ballads, and rock musicals, all brilliantly performed by Bryan Grossbauer and Mike Papaleo.


Bryan Grossbauer and Mike Papaleo have been performing as Tree Theatre since 2002. Primarily based in NYC, they have traveled as far west as the "Water Wonderland*" of Michigan. Their critically-acclaimed comedic songs and scenes have garnered a loyal local following. Their most recent piece, "Tim and Ida -or- Nursing Home (The Musical!)" combines elements of hip/hop, funk, 70's power pop and dark absurdist humor. They are currently working on a new piece, tentatively titles, "Road trips."

*fact: Michigan is 30% water 70% venison chili!


Tim and Ida -or- Nursing Home (The Musical!)
Bob and Rob Meet Aesop Fable
Bob and Rob in the Case of the Missing Mummy

Set List

Narrative Flow
He Loves She
Stop With The Love (For My Grandma!)
Bingo's Just Begun
Precision Decision
George and Stacey
Dark Remorse
This Is The End