Treetown Underground

Treetown Underground


We focus on original multi-genre jams, we like to mix multiple styles together to form new sounds. Such as acoustic rock/polka, or mandolin lead funk-fusion. As long as it grooves, jams, or feels good, we'll do it! songwriting that doesn't lack lyrically is also quite important to us.


our sound: think Allman bros, David Grissman, and Madeski-Martin-& Wood, had a three-way love child. Our mandolin soars over top of organically built improvisational rhythms and burst into organ or guitar solos, and then a bluegrass jam with raging banjo! Think of well thought out lyrics with meaning and a positively developing vocal harmony.


One Turn

Written By: Richard Delcamp

"All around the world, there be wrong 'a 'doin'...Who ya gonna get to make it right? 'Cause all that evil needs to conquer all creation, is for the good folks here- only but to stand aside." "I've got a fear- something here is wrong I swear, and everbody's got to learn, that we don't get another turn."

We are Orphaned

Written By: Richard Delcamp

..."can we say so long, pain and slow despair. Can we say, so long- anger and destruction. Can we yell goodbye, and shed the prophesies, of those whove tried to break our fellow man...?" "Well, no my child- I fear we're Orphaned. We let the past keep on repeating. By our own hand, so many lessons broken. But I say hope is there, behind our veil of fears, Peakin' out...."


We (so far) have (3) live CD's we've released ourselves: 1. Live 2006 compilation, 2. Live @ TC's Speakeasy-Feb. 2nd 2007, 3. Live in the Studio-March 2007. we have rotating tracks you can download or listen to on our myspace page:

Set List

Our set lists are usually 10-15 songs long and last from 1-2 hours typically. We'll do 2-3 sets a night if we play alone. this is a typical setlist:
1. Lickity Split, 2. Superstar, 3. Hangin' Dream, 4. Nighttime in the Rain, 5. Universal Feeling, 6. Doin' no Harm, 7. Only Time will Tell, 8. Orphan, 9. Unwoven, 10. Shady Grove (cover). etc. etc. our cover tunes are in constant rotation from Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Police, Talking Heads, to various traditional songs such as Shady Grove, or Cold Rain and Snow.