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ChiTown Warriorz, Whats The Bizz is a Single from T.Regg, All My Love.........


Feeling a bit camera shy


If your not going to finish the reading, (WHY START), Read Carefully, Take your Time, Mabe you'll learn something........... T.Regg, A Formal member of the 57 South Clique, Before all of this became about, Terry was raised on the South Side of Chicago, Born in Cook County Hospital, As he grew, experiencing a lot in his life times. In the year of 1995, Terry attended Bradwell Elementary School on the South Side located on 76th -N- Colfax Were it is known to be Terror Town, But he always hung out on the other side of Terror Town on 75th -N- Kingston Were he hung out with his cousins, it is known to be Sircon City were The Gangster Disciples Resigned at, At The age of 13, he knew not as much about the GD Nation as much as he knew about The Black P. Stone Nation, His Father Was Infact, He Steel is an EL. Rukn of the 50's, He is known as Mustafah, A Prince Known threw out the Chicago Areas of the North, South, East, And the West Side, Terry has followed in his own footsteps to become someone positive and not always about the guns, violence, and other Destructive acts. From his mouth he says, Money comes before anything, Money controls the way I am, Money pushes me forward, Money is living my life, From what he replied once before, Until the end, ama try to do the best that I can, keep my head up over my max as long as I can, Heart will beat every move I make, Steel breathing every step I take as long as Im standing, Is it me, Or is it this life that Im living on these streets, I dont know, We all were brought here to live then go, As he reply's, Everyone needs to know that we only have one life to live, Not nine live's, You can't take the jewelry, The Clothing, The Cars, Not even your own body that your breathing out of at this very moment, Only what you had before birth, and you tell me what was it, (Back to Terry) In the year of 1994, Terry's cousin Reggie Irby Fields who was his inspiration was killed on 76th -N- Kingston, He and another by stander was killed, Reggie was jumped of first before getting shot in the head by three members of a Chicago street gang known as the Black Disciple Nation. Today, Terry is Steel living Reggie's name as T.Regg, As Terry reply's, Rest in the lords hands, Until we can meet again, Lord please protect his soul, As he sleeps threw the cold, ~R.I.P~REGGIE IRBY FIELDS~, (Back to Terry) Every Since Terry rote note books of rhymes, every other week a 70 page notebook would already be filled with rhymes, poetry, and even stories, In School, Terry never really focused on school work, Only his rhymes in the book. In lunch rooms, there would be rap sessions at table's, Terry would be the one who'd make the beats on the table, he never showed his rap skills until 8th grade, Terry learned how to make beats on the table at the same time he would rap, That way he would never need anyone to make a beat on the table for him. In my freshmen year of high school, I wanted to take this rapping talent a little further, This is when his brother wanted to get serious with it too, So they both went too Radio Shack and purchased a Karaoke Machine, and that was just the Beginning, So they recorded most of there music on tape and sent cassettes off to Labels, Dj's, Producer's, and anybody else that probably could help them with there music. At the time me and Jamie Foe worked with our cousin who owned Stone Cold Records, The only thing we could gain from him was advice, So they met up with J.Spells in the long run and found out he was all about the music, so we hooked up and recorded our first single at Pete's Production, It was called (If You Dont Know What I've Been Threw) That was just the beginning, We had to think of a name for our selves, We were later then known as the 57 South Clique. After that, they had all of there music Copy written and the rights to own there own Entertainment Label, Known as the 57 South Entertainment. This is one of Chicago's most popular Label/Groups. (CEO Of the Label-J.Spells) Music Producer's Of The Label's- T.Regg, J.Spells, Jamie Foe, & Strictly Biz, Manager- Jamal Spells, The Founder Of the Label- J.Spells, The Founder Of the music- The 57 South Clique, The Founder Of The Group itself- Almight God, You Have just read and hopefully experience The Biography of Terry Fields A.k.a T.Regg, If would like too talk to T.Regg, Please post a comment or Send a message and He'll get at you As Soon As Possible, Thank you very much for taking the time to read his BIO......................