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Trek Manifest

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Columbus, Ohio, United States
Band Hip Hop Spoken Word


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Freestyle Friday: Trek Manifest Un-Defines The Freestyle [VIDEO]"

You know what it is! And if you don’t than welcome to the hottest showcase of talented MC’s coming out of the Central Ohio. This is Freestyle Friday and this is Trek Manifest of Undefined Ent. Check out Trek spit a hot 16 in TRUE Freestyle Fashion.

- Power 107.5 My Columbus Power

"Trek Manifest – “Coffee Shop” Video"

Kicking rhymes from the back of a Starbucks would probably be as ridiculous as you can imagine. That is if Trek Manifest didn’t make the concept such a stimulating song. Posted up by a parking meter with his bean beverage of choice, the Columbus, OH backpacker keeps it cooler than a cappuccino with his caffeine rushes.
Sneakers & Starbucks brewing soon. Yes, that’s the actual name
- The Smoking Section

"Local music: Trek Manifest and SupaNatra"

Swag, yes, but also smarts - that's Trek Manifest's mantra.

"Everybody talks about their sneakers or their quote-unquote swag," the South Side native said, "but no one ever really touches on their intellect or gets praised for being intelligent."

So Trek aimed to be a voice for the intellect on his latest project, "Sneakers x Starbucks." The "Sneakers" part is literal; he's as much of a footwear fanatic as your next rapper.

The "Starbucks" part is somewhat symbolic. Yeah, he loves coffee, but he developed his passion for the beverage through long hours over textbooks while working toward a degree at Capital University.

He now doubles as a rapper and a motivational speaker, though the line between those roles sometimes blurs throughout these latest tracks. Tired of tailoring his songs to particular molds like The Club Banger and The Ladies' Jam, Trek tried to break out of the box and follow his muse this time out, leading him into occasionally uncomfortable territory.

"He didn't really hold no barriers with it," said rapper-producer SupaNatra, who executive produced the album. "It was more like a no-fear thing."

The most striking example is album centerpiece "Fathers Day." After a shockingly poignant five-minute audio clip from an episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," Trek tackles his own demons from growing up without a dad. The track clocks in at a full 10 minutes, none of them wasted.

- Columbus Alive


Columbus Hip Hop is on the rise and one of their stars is ready to shine. Fresh out the gate is Trek Manifest. Trek Manifest is a Columbus, Ohio native and graduate of Capital University, with a B.A. in Radio/Television/Film. He has been on the rap scene since age 5, performing in shows with his younger brother.
As the emcee “Trek”, he has been through numerous journeys and feels that his music is a clear definition of hip-hop to those who aren't fully familiar with the culture itself.
With his unique rhymes and unprecedented energy, he’s been compared to some of hip-hop’s well-known artists. A story telling flow of Lupe Fiasco, a braggadocios style of Kanye West, or a self-conscious intellect of Common, “I do what I can to reach as many people as possible through my music. You want to party, I gotcha. You want to learn something, I gotcha. Or if you want to just hear some good hip-hop music, I most definitely gotcha!”
Trek is considered by his peers as one of the most exciting young emcees on the scene.
His witty rhymes and unparalleled timing has allowed him to travel all over the United States, including Michigan, Indiana, New Mexico, Arizona, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and even outside of the country in Canada as well.
“I try to give the people a great show and let it all out on the stage. If I have an asthma attack when it’s over, that means I certainly gave it my all!” He certainly patterns his stage presence to the likes of Busta Rhymes, De La Soul, and Jay-Z.
His music will certainly take you back to the good ole days of hip-hop circa 1994 and even back to now.
His debut album, "TrekNique" is available at
- UnDfyned Entertainment


EP: LiveLivingLived
LP: ExecGang CMH
LP: Sneakers x Starbucks
LP: TrekNique

The Precedent Vol. 1 (Mixtape)
Trek Star: The Precedent Vol. 2 (Mixtape)
Three Peat: The Precedent Vol. 3 (Mixtape)
The Coldest Winter (Mixtape)
The Coldest Winter 2 (Mixtape)
The Coldest Winter 3 (Mixtape)
The Coldest Winter 4 (Mixtape)



I could start off by saying this is your everyday run of the mill rap artist but I can’t. His vision is an ode to real hip-hop. His music is a form of an epitome for hip-hop. "I am hip-hop, nothing about what I do is manufactured, My music speaks for itself. I talk about real-life issues and what I go through on a day-to-day basis. My originality comes from me not wanting to submit. That's the kind of person I am and that's who I've always been. At the same time, I also wanted to do things that no one else has done." The confidence in his lyrical abilities are what some consider has made him into a true MC.

"Life is a journey and there's a vision that goes with it.” Sneakers, Starbucks, a fitted and a button down are the average wear of this artist. The unique ideas behind his music and “undfyned” style in life have formed him into the artist he has become. From the introduction of Treknique to the birthing of the Precedent to the galactic Trek Star, touching the Three Peat and onto the breath taking Coldest Winter, the epic journey of a growing artist is shown and lyrically written in visual metaphors throughout his music.

The manifestation of words, trek verbs and a degree in the arts began to form and a new version of hip-hop was designed. His drive to continue this never-ending quest has just begun twenty years later.

The story of most MCs is that the universe has thrown many black holes into their world but that has only made his music explode. The unfortunate duty of re-introducing hip hop has landed on his shoulders and for those that missed the quest that a tribe once spoke of his music will hold your hand while you learn what real music once was. "I wouldn't call my music Gospel music, it's just a clear definition of hip-hop, it's not preachy but it's honest. I talk about what people want to talk about. I want to be a trendsetter when it comes to music but I also want to be real - I'm average just like everyone else and I've been through a lot of stuff just like everyone else.”

From New Mexico to Michigan, back to D.C. and over to Rhode Island, with a few trips up to Canada and down to Arizona the four Trek Manifest mix tapes and Treknique album have made an appearance across the U.S. As an Ohio native Trek has reached the accomplishment of a Bachelor’s in Radio/Television/Film from Capital University and his music continues to rotate in over 300 colleges and universities radio stations. His Three Peat mix tape was listed as “top 3 hottest in Ohio all of 2009,” quotes, a local clothing and promotional company.

Ambition, dedication and talent are all ingredients necessary for success, through his vision he may have found the right combination to make it a reality.