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Manassas, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Manassas, Virginia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop




"Tre Live Works Hard, Rhymes Harder"

Tre Live is a pristine example of hard work because it shows in every single song you come across from him. From “Remedy” to “It’s Ok” Tre Live is on top of his game. Usually young emcees half-ass things and don’t think things through — not this guy. The songs are well-made and don’t let up; ever. You have hype “Red Ropes” and then the party starter “Too Legit,” so basically every base is covered with Tre Live to hit it home and score. Lastly, “Outro” is one of those songs that grab you and never let’s go. Every lyric takes you deeper into Tre Live’s mindset and it’s a place you don’t want to leave. It goes from hip hop to some down south, hearty soul. It’s just a great listening experience from start to finish. Going out on this song is perfection. If your iPod is littered with everything from Wiz Khalifa to Drake, you have to check out Tre Live. -

"Interview with Tre Live"

 Tre Live is very much alive and he is now reppin’ the DMV area. With a fresh lyrical flow featuring conscious rhymes, he not only raps but produces, mixes and masters his own tracks as well. GroundSounds recently chopped it up with this jack of all trades, check out our exclusive interview with Tre below. For those just discovering your music, can you tell us a little bit about your background?My parents knew that I liked music at an early age. They bought me my first drum pad for Christmas in 1995. I was 6 years old. From there, everything just progressed musically. I was never really allowed to sit and watch TV or play a game for hours on end because my father felt that was unproductive.  He pretty much left me alone when it came to making music. So that’s what I grew up doing. I was introduced to FL Studio at 13.  I have used it ever since and I’m now 24. I used to make beats and rap like the music that I grew up with but I eventually developed my own style. In short, I exchanged my skill to imitate for an ability to tell my own story. My music has become deeper and more vivid as I continue to grow as an artist.What has it been like growing up in the DMV?I actually grew up in Central Virginia and honestly never knew there was much of a difference between northern and southern Virginia until I moved to the D.C. metro area in my 20’s.  I grew up in a rural area about 20 miles south of Richmond called Prince George. I’m in the DMV now and I have really embraced the area.  I hope that DC returns the love and responds to my music.When it comes to creating music do you have a routine? Do you typically start with an idea, or a beat? When I sit down to make music, I generally have a mood in mind more so than a beat or story idea. That mood dictates my starting point. I may catch a feeling for a song while driving for instance and then build music around it once I get home. However, there are those times when I start with a beat and the words just write themselves. I generally have hundreds of unused beats sitting around.What was it like working on your debut mixtape Very Much Alive?Very Much Alive is a musical diary of my life from my last few semesters in college up until this point. Working on it was a way for me to escape from the negative and celebrate the positive. I pulled inspiration from everything that was going on around me at the time.You produce, write, mix, and master…how did you become a jack of all trades? By being selfish. I never wanted to have too many other hands in my work. I like to control every aspect of my music since so much of my work is about telling my story. Who knows my story better than me?  I work hard on music and I’m willing to work non-stop until it’s exactly how I want it.What are you currently listening to?Other than myself, I’m listening to the new Drake album and Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City. Those two usually are what’s keeping me going these days.Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?There are a lot of local artists in the DMV that I want to collab with such as Dbabie, Kimani Amor, and Dom of da District.  As far as big names, I most definitely want to work with Kanye West, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. What can you tell us about your latest track “Thank You America”?  What was the creative process and inspiration behind this song?The version of “Thank You America” that I perform live and is on YouTube is only one verse of the track. It was originally inspired by the Trayvon Martin case and verdict, but I was led in an entirely new direction when the Government shut down.   The Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake track seemed to fit the tone that I was looking for. What were your thoughts on the government shutdown?  Were you affected?The government shutdown affected me in a major way. I have been working for the Department of Defense for 5 years now and I used to believe that this kind of work was among the most stable around. When I found that even this work was in jeopardy, it really went to show that nothing in this world is guaranteed. I just took all of my emotion and put it into “Thank You America.”What advice would you give to artists and musicians who are juggling their passion with a career? While you’re striving for the life that you want to live, always remember that only a few are able to truly “make it.” For me, there is a certain lifestyle that I want to live and I am going to get there whether it’s through music or otherwise. I do music because it’s what I do. I don’t come home and watch TV, play PlayStation, or watch sports. I make music. This is how I always have been. I am always going to work on music regardless if it goes somewhere or not. So, my advice is dream while you’re awake.What are you currently working on? What’s next? I am currently working on my next mixtape Furlough Friday. It should be completed by the end of the year. I am -

"Tre Live – Very Much Alive {Mixtape}"

Tre Live recently dropped his debut mixtape, Very Much Alive, he produced, wrote, mixed, and mastered all the tracks, check it out -

"Tre Live New Single, Too Legit"

“Too Legit” is the first single off of Tre Live’s debut mixtape “Very Much Alive” which was entirely written and produced by Tre Live.  It should also be considered as a signature track for the young Tre Live. Filled with an emphatic delivery complemented once again by his unique sound and production his confidence is at an all-time high as “the freshest muthafucka hoppin outta Honda civic” delivers some of the best sixteen’s of his debut along with another complete hook where Tre proclaims:“Nothing in the world gonna stop me/If I see it/and I want it/and I need it/then I cop it”. -

"Producer Of The Day"

Fusing Trap with soulful sampling gives Tre Live some of the unique sounds he has created. Find out if you feel the same way and show him some love on Twitter! - Record Label Submission

"Very Much Alive" -


Still working on that hot first release.



When William Johnsons parents gave him a beat machine at the age of five, he stayed up for hours experimenting with rhythms and melodies. Nineteen years later, the Prince George, VA native is better known to the DMV as Tre Live and is still going strong in the business of creating innovative hip hop. The duality of the boy from the country now doing his thing in the most powerful city in the World is captured in Tre Lives music where classic jams meet new school and sophisticated messaging meets raw celebration. Tre Lives debut mixtape Very Much Alive has found its way into the rotations of both those wanting to escape monotonous rap lyrics about self-interest and those who want to celebrate via popping bottles in the club. Whatever it is that you look to music to celebrate, you are invited to party with the up-and-coming Tre Live who challenges listeners to chase their dreams and live it up along the way.

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