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Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | SELF

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



It was only a question time. The Trelleborg/Sassnitz song Landscaping has apparently gotten some airtime on a Greek radio station, which is quite good news. The DJ, who calls herself Astrogirl, also contributes to a blog called Sonic Playground, which now contains a story about us as well as a beautiful photo of Kalifen & Jonas. You can find these goodies at

We’ve let Worldlingo translate the text for those of you who aren’t fluent in the Greek language but still curious about what she’s written: "They have Swedish identities, even if their sound refers straight in 80s Manchester [sygkechymenes] pictures. The five members group, create habits and open channels of communication… 'All art directors, designers and [grafiades] with common secret are not photographed never all together as group. Exaggeration, over-the-top [synaisthimatismos], repeated compositions with post-punk and indie krautrock lines and a black mystery it is misleaded in air. "Landscaping" constitutes the piece that Curtis would bless with comfort (it exists in free download from MySpace their, as one likeable remix that have made Artymove). Splendid!! P.S. note that their curious name, Trelleborg/Sassnitz, emanates from frequent and enough widespread in the Swedes way that it makes ferry which connects the city Trelleborg with the city Sassnitz of Germany." -

"Unique Battles-esque video"

Here’s a unique Battles-esque video from Trelleborg/Sassnitz that uses a isocronic music video generator to create the visual effects synced to the music in real time. The song is called “Hide And Seek and continues to build on the bands rythmic indie rock

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"(There are five guys pictured on their MySpace; please God let this be the lead singer)"

I just got tipped off to Trelleborg/Sassnitz. This over-the-top, gothic, indie krautrock is not usually my kind of thing, but the over emoting on both these songs is intriguing.

The band’s name comes from the ferry that connects Trelleborg, Sweden with Sassnitz, Germany. Apparently that journey is a common one and a coming of age pilgrimage of sorts for young swedes as the cheap beer resides on the German end of the trip.

“Push Me” is the clear single of the two, but “Landscaping” with it’s more elaborate and undulating sound may stand the test of time (and repeated listens) a little better.


Still working on that hot first release.



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