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Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




"My fellow GWHH friends, meet Trell, an up and coming talent out of Chicago with tons of potential. Just give it some time and I’m sure we’ll be seeing Trell all over the city and beyond. The talent is definitely there, but like any other up and coming artist there is always room for growth and development. Nothing to take away from him now, his music is definitely worth checking out. So don’t sleep on Trell, because I guarantee that sooner or later you’ll be sorry if you do. Now go on and enjoy the title track of his most recent project, Rap Or Go To School." - GO WHERE HIP HOP


Yep. We saw A LOT of Trell this past spring and he was definitely on fire this past summer…

SO don’t act like you’re tired of seeing that face! Check out the latest video off of his current mixtape, Rap or Go to School. Featuring Mike Golden and the video, Produced by Team Havik Films and Chopin Productions…its pretty dope. Awesome rock and rap combo on this track. - BELIEVE BEAUTONOMY


"So the months of August and September seemed to have been a hot one for several hot artists here in Chicago… So let’s begin with Trell. If you don’t know Trell, you should. He had an awesome summer, performing at several of the open mics that were held at the Buddha Lounge, in his signature red shirt as his marketing tool. This was also a great lead up to the release of his mixtape, which hit over 2,000+ views within a few weeks of the release date. His delivery can be compared to the likes of Eminem…he draws you in and you can feed off of the energy and story that he is telling. The album in itself is def worth downloading" - BELIEVE BEAUTONOMY


"Big names like Nas and Lil Wayne feuding over if hip hop is dead, its been one of the most controversial topics of the past year. Its with no question that the beat and swag is definitely taken as more valuable then lyrics to majority of listeners in this musical hip hop era. With "bubble gum" rappers such as Soulja Boy and others, it seems that hip hop might be on the verge of selling out, losing its truest essence of how it got started: expressing yourself threw a melodic flow of poetry and confidence. Thank goodness for rappers such as Trell himself. His performance April 3 at Abbey Pub proves his musical dominance. His edge is: taking hold of the old elements of rapping and putting his own flair and spunk to it. His inspiration: the fans. Trell, the confident, smooth, yet humble rapper is rapidly growing with a bigger buzz. Defintely deserves the honor of Hedonism's Person of the Month." - Hedonism Entertainment


"Trell est un jeune MC issu de la scène underground de Chicago. Actuellement, très peu connu hors de ses terres Chicagoanes, bien qu’il tourne énormément, Trell reste néanmoins un rappeur talentueux au style polyvalent et sur lequel il faudra compter. En effet, le jeune MC de Chicago est un excellent conteur, il défend par ailleurs une idée simple avec vigueur: donner du sens à ses textes. Evidemment, associer la forme et le fond afin d’offrir une musique simple et accessible constitue tout autant pour lui une priorité. Chigagoan dans l’âme, Trell met un point d’honneur à défendre ce haut lieu du hip-hop, il propose un univers musical proche d’un Rockie Fresh ou d’un Naledge. Vous aurez donc le droit à des beats travaillés au couteau afin d’offrir à l’auditeur le meilleur, un rap mélodique, sensé et sincère. Le jeune rappeur a mis sur la toile depuis le 19 Août 2011 son tout nouveau projet, » Rap Or Go To School », disponible gratuitement. " - Fresh Vibez


Oh man oh man! For me it was love with the music at first listen. I heard something special in Trell that I’ve only heard in one other talent. So I expect great things out of this young Chicagoan. This new music video we have for you today is merely a taste of what’s to come. Check out Trell Love in “Hold You Down,” featuring Mike Golden. Dope visuals to compliment a quality tune. Keep it coming homie. - GO WHERE HIP HOP


Check out the latest Indy submission to catch our attention in up and coming Chicago emcee Trell. He definitely holds his own on the mic as you can tell from the track below. For more music from Trell you can check out his mixtape Rap Or Go To School by clicking here. - What's In My Headphones


1. The Refusal
2. Worth The Wait
3. Addictive
4. Caught In This Life
5. Why So Serious
6. They Don’t Know Why
7. The Shadows
8. The Shout Out
9. Rap Or Go To School
10. The Invitation
11. Right Now
12. I’m So Player
13. Hold You Down
14. Who I Am



Chicago native, Shantrell D’uan Love is an up and coming Hip Hop artist better known by his stage name: TRELL LOVE. Since the age of 13, TRELL has been honing his skills as a lyricist, all the while, committing himself to basketball and his studies. As a recent graduate of Calumet College of St. Joseph, TRELL’s highly anticipated mixtape, RAP OR GO TO SCHOOL is aptly titled. While completing his degree, many told him to choose to RAP or choose to GO TO SCHOOL-to silence the naysayers, he chose to do both, successfully. RAP OR GO TO SCHOOL (ROGTS) is the debut mix tape by TRELL LOVE (formerly TRELL). The tape features 14 tracks showcasing his versatility and lyrical style using a variety of tempos and genres. Since its debut it has broken records on and is currently a fixture in the top 3!