It's feel good,beat driven pop rock armed with synth laiden pop signatures and sing along melodies. It's the kinda music you want to blare in your car.Some songs make you want to jump up and dance while others simply take you for a musical joyride.


tREmaINe settled in Virginia after growing up in Baltimore MD. It was there he discovered the power of unpredictability." Never let them see you coming". On his self titled release, tREmaINe teamed up with producer phil Seaford(jewel,n.e.r.d.,kris allen,kenna). The result is a wonderful mix of color,sound, and aggressive approach to pop music that cannot be denied. Whether he's combining Beatles melodies with r&b tracks or crafting a song sounding like Justin Timberlake speaking with Fallout Boy; tREmaINe brings a certain inspiration and euphoria that feels refreshing, much like a musical tidal wave.


"tREmaINe" (full length)Feb 2010

"Mannequin Me" (single)

Set List

Reason in the sky
Mannequin me
Karma killer
Everybody's screaming
Only Human
Falling down
Radio silence
Save yourself
Mad at the world