bringing back rock n roll the way it should be, a hook in every song, short and sweet. less is more.


Formed in 2001, TRENCH is influenced by the 50s, 60s, 70s, buddy holly, rolling stones, new york dolls, ramones, anything thats good. stripped down rock n roll. we sound like TRENCH. we want to change the playing field. bring back rock and roll.


my motto

Written By: trench

hey hey hey hey,hey hey hey hey im going crazy,im gettin violent im lookin for the best piece in town,im gettin hungry,like a lion, the scent of you is somewhere around. living on no-doze,on the run,on the go ain't no romeo,faster than the wind blows,tougher than brando,welcome to my freak show.[chorus] coffee,cigerettes,sex,and sleep you cant take that away from,cigerettes,sex,and cant take that away from me. can't control me by your love now honey.can't be broken by your love.your smoky eyes,your weepy cries.ain't no one makin a meal out of on no-doze,on the run on the go,ain't no romeo.faster than the wind blows,tougher than brando,welcome to my freak show. [chorus] i dont wanna die in your arms.i dont wanna die in your arms.i know you need the lovin, i know you want the lovin,but it dont matter to me. [chorus]


TRENCH, released in 2005. BLACKCLOUD, released in 2007. beatles tribute cd/why dont we do it in the road/track released in 2005. david bowie tribute cd/blue jean/track released in 2007. soon, my motto from black cloud and the movie,fans anonymous.

Set List

the chase, my motto, pot of gold, part of the show, we're all the same, to be with you, blind, runnin from the pain, i want love, murder.