Hermosa Beach, California, USA

"Sounding much like if Bradley Nowell would've been the 4th member of Green Day, Trenchtown packs punk energy with a reggae sensibility, in a unique pop package. Determined to make use of every past influence, they have created a sound warmly welcomed on beaches and underground punk clubs alike."


For Trenchtown, brotherhood is everything. From the first time five kids with guitars met up after school in the rural town of North Adams, MI, just some 50 miles south of Detroit, they simply followed the path laid out for them.

It was one that would take them to far-off places as well as other rural towns, still guitars in hand, providing their signature four part harmonies blended with driving punk beats and rhythmic reggae accents.

But it all began at local high school parties covering songs by Green Day, Nirvana and Sublime. “We would play as long as we could, literally all night. Ever since then, it has been impossible to escape the rock and roll lifestyle,” lead guitarist Nichols says,

Trenchtown’s music, then under the name Maryz Eyez, garnered them 1 and 3 hits on XM radio and two spots on the Vans Warped Tour. After several years of calling the Detroit music scene home, the band decided to take their show to SoCal and relocated to Hermosa Beach to work on their self titled debut “Trenchtown EP”.

Since arriving in the same beach town which has given rise to bands such as Black Flag and Pennywise, Trenchtown has been hard at work writing songs and learning the LA music scene. Upon a chance encounter, Nichols ran into Billy Graziadei of the band Biohazard at a local Best Buy and offered up a demo.

Nine months later, the pair of Trenchtown and producer Billy Graziadei (Slipknot, Sick of it All, Biohazard) have completed the newest LP release "Against The Sun". The first single ("Waves"), with the help of a music video shot within the waters of the Pacific Ocean, has achieved extensive exposure for the band through premieres on, aol, and itunes home pages.

("Unpaid Holiday") brought the group worldwide attention by being featured on 2K sports game MLB2K11. The increase in popularity helped land a nationwide tour in support of SubNoize artist Authority Zero in fall 2011.

The 13 songs on the album move from the melancholy and abstruse (“Deaf Ears”) to the hook laden feel good reggae/pop of (“Life's Too Short”), featuring shout-it-from-the-rooftops choruses (“Bad News”) and narratives about the wrongful conviction of an innocent man (“Murderer”).

Yet, the Trenchtown brotherhood is best conveyed live. “Our shows are no different from the house parties we started at,” Nichols says. “You rarely find us back stage, we only want to hang out with everyone before and after shows and share music during. Hope to see you there!!”


1. Waves
2. Ay Oh
3. Falling From You
4. Unpaid Holiday
5. Bad News
6. Deaf Ears
7. Life's Too Short
8. Murderer
9. Waiting For The Day
10. Let It Go
11. Paralyzed
12. OK
13. Pourin Rain

1. Ay Oh (Single)
2. Paralyzed
3. Murderer
4. Waiting for the Day
5. Let it Go
6. Unpaid Holiday

1. Memento Mori
2. Unpaid Holiday
3. Alive and Well
4. Feel
5. High Sea
6. Soulmate Destiny
7. Intro
8. Killing Time
9. The Ride Into Charlotte
10. Roll The Dice
11. Guess You'll Never Know
12. Lie Awake
13. Run

1. Lights Out XM Radio #3 song for 2 months
2. Pourin Rain XM radio #1 song for 2 months
3. Second Sight
4. Over Now
5. County
6. Lost and Proud
7. OK
8. Change for the Better
9. 1330
10. Crawl
11. Your Light
12. Final Days

Set List

Pourin Rain
Ay Oh
Falling From You
Unpaid Holiday
Bad News
Deaf Ears
Waiting For The Day