Trent Turner & the Moontowers

Trent Turner & the Moontowers

 Austin, Texas, USA

I am Trent Turner: Guitarist, singer, and writer of music from Austin, TX.

For years, I've been proving myself by pouring my heart and soul onto each fret of my guitar in the local venues of Austin. Inspired by many, but if you listen to me play you will know that it is, and who I am deep inside.

I am joined by my 16 year old son Cyrus Turner on drums, and my good friend Allen Daniell on bass.


While our music is mostly blues based, most of the songs written do not follow a standard 12-bar blues progression. The music mostly centers itself around matters that are important to me: my son, love, life observations and the like.

Instrumentally, it is very much an intent expression of myself flowing through the guitar. When I play guitar, I lose myself -- in the energy I am able to give to the audience, and tthe energy they give right back to me. Sometimes when I get caught up in the moment, I will play the guitar in unique ways; I play with my tongue, or with the guitar behind my back.

What sets my band and myself apart from other bands is that I play every song like my life depends on it, like I would die if I didn't do so.

My primary influences are some of the blues greats, such as B.B. King, Howling Wolf, Buddy Guy, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Austin's own Stevie Ray Vaughan.

I don't do this for the money. I have a good career in medicine (emergency room physician), and actually taught myself to play while going through medical school. I even used to carry my guitar to the rooms of my patients and play for them. I do this because music is my passion and my obession. I have it in me, and I want to share it.


Bad Soul Brother

Written By: Trent Turner

Driving down a Texas highway,
A '57 strat and a corvette stingray,
Dark sunglasses,
You can't see my eyes.

Just keep living my life my way,
A hundred dollar bill tucked in my boot today,
Oh baby, don't you realize?

That I'm a Bad Soul Brother,
Bad Soul Brother,
Bad Soul Brother,
'Til proven otherwise.
That I'm a Bad Soul Brother,
Bad Soul Brother,
Bad Soul Brother,
'Til proven otherwise.

Always got a groove inside me,
Breaking out like poison ivy,
Like a battery that never dies.

I turn my passion into fire,
Send it through my amplifier,
I'm a Bad Soul Brother 'til proven otherwise.


Billy Badass

Written By: Trent Turner

From the dirt roads of the Delta,
Through a Windy City riff,
It passed through the hands of a man in Seattle,
To a boy living in Oak Cliff.
I did not hear the music then,
But I damn sure hear it now,
People try to tell me that I shouldn't try to play it,
But I think I'll play it anyhow.
Robert Johnson played the crossroads,
Stevie Ray played "Crossfire",
All the Kings in between kept the music mean,
Rolling off the wood and the wire.
Robert J to Stevie Ray,
Man that torch was passed.
Man I'm gonna be the one,
I'm gonna make that burning last.

My name is Billy Badass,
I come from Austin, Texas,
My city still breathes and believes in Its own kind of rock and roll.
And I don't know just how far,
I can make it playing blues on my sad guitar,
But it's a damn sure bet,
I can get to the bottom of my soul.

So here I am in this downtown bar,
Playing music once again on my sad guitar,
Hoping everybody likes the way I play.
The bartender says you're too loud,
I said "Hey man did you notice the size of the crowd? You can make a lot of money if you just stay out of my way".
"Open the windows let the sound on the street,
I brought a band of my own and we're bringing the beat.
Everybody's getting down to the sound of my town and my band.
I do things a little differently so please understand,
If I try to walk on water or swim on the land,
Don't you know I'm a man who likes to do it to my own plan?"


Bleeding Love

Written By: Trent Turner

Sometimes I think I'm crazy,
Maybe I'm insane,
Why do I work so hard for this?
Work so hard in vain?
It used to be so easy,
But them easy days for us are long ago.
Now baby what you see,
Aint always what you get.
Oh baby don't you think,
I've learned that lesson yet?
Well it's so hard sometimes,
To keep this love in line but I've been trying.
Baby I've been trying.

You're gonna have to wake up.
Or we're gonna have to break up.
Because I can't go on like this,
Losing love with every kiss.
There's a hemorrhage in my heart,
And it's tearing me apart and I'm bleeding love.
I'm bleeding love.

Well I still hold out some hope.
I still like to pretend.
That maybe you will love me,
Like you did again.
But every time I see you,
You aint nothing like you ever used to be.
Oh so what's a man to do,
When he's done all that he can?
I've tried everything I know,
I aint got backup plan.
I've been bent over backwards,
But I've got to bend back up before I break.
Before I break.



Written By: Trent Turner

My mind is like water, constantly drippin' with rhythm,
My mind is like water, constantly drippin' with rhythm,
And if your friends like to dance,
There's a good chance I'll be with 'em.

(Verse 1)
Fingers start to flying on the fretboard Oh Lord,
People start to jumping on the dance floor, what's more,
Women start to twirl, skirts unfurl,
Everybody's movin' to the playin' and the singin'.
The walls start quakin' when the booties start shakin',
And it's driven by the rhythm that we're makin'.


(Verse 2)
One, two, three, the beat's got me.
Snappin' on my fingers, slappin' on my knee.
Four, five, six, the room's a mix,
Of people gettin' moved by the drummer's sticks.
Seven, eight, it's gettin' late,
We keep on playin' 'cause the playing's great.


Man With A Son

Written By: Trent Turner

(Verse 1)
I used to be an ordinary man,
But nowadays I am a man with a son.
I used to be an ordinary man,
But nowadays I am a man with a son.
Well I love him more than all the world,
Love my little boy,
No matter what he's done.

(Verse 2)
One of my favorite things to do,
Is to sit around and watch him play with his toys.
One of my favorite things to do,
Is to sit around and watch him play with his toys.
Don't you know he's sharing
Everything he's got,
Sharing everything with all the other girls and boys.

(Verse 3)
Before 1997,
It was all about me.
Then my son came into the world.
Now I swear I'm a giving tree.
I know I'm a good dad.
Oh because my son he loves to tell me so.
Sometimes I wish time would stand still.
Sometimes it's so hard to watch him grow.

Will I Ever See A Naked Woman Again?

Written By: Trent Turner

For 13 months I've had to spend the night,
With me, myself, and I.
Sometimes I wonder if I'll be alone,
Until the day I die.
They say that when you're having fun,
That time begins to fly.
I'm in here all alone watching paint peel,
And time is crawling by.

All the women I know just want to be my friend.
Sometimes I ask myself when things get like they've been,
Will I ever see a naked woman again?

I've gone through 20 different hobbies,
But none of them appeal to me.
I guess a lonely man,
Is what I'm bound to be.
I could drive out to the Rocky Mountains,
If I had a little company.
And we could carve out our initials,
In a great big mountain tree.

(Repeat Chorus)

In the corner is a very lovely smile below green eyes,
Looking right at me.
"Would you like to play a game of pool?" she says,
"Or maybe two or three?"
We played our games and went out for coffee,
And talked about philosophy.
Even a lonely man can sometimes get,
Some serendipity.

(Repeat Chorus).

Best Friend

Written By: Trent Turner

(Verse 1)
Never had much money,
Money's hard to find,
The only profit (prophet) that I know,
Is the future telling kind,
But things are better now,
I think it's about damn time,
Now you're family,
'Cause you stuck with me,
When I didn't have a dime.

'Cause you're my best friend.
I promise you my soul,
Now it's clear to me you were sent to me,
To make my half life whole.
Best friend,
I think you're made of gold,
Now I'm on my knees hoping you will be,
With me when I grow old.

(Verse 2)
All the things we do,
I used to do before,
But baby when you do them with me now,
It means a whole lot more.
They say it's better,
To give than to receive,
Baby what you give makes me want to live,
With you and never leave.

(Repeat chorus)

Great Big Beautiful Sun

Written By: Trent Turner

(verse 1)
It's burning down in Austin, Texas
One hundred and one.
My baby's sweating bullets,
Laying down in the Texas sun.
She says, "Settle down",
Says, "You're having too much fun".
I say "I'm sorry pretty baby
But my good times have already Begun."

(Chorus )
I never asked you to love me,
But I'm glad that you did what you Done.
Take me to your river and shove Me,
In the water where your love runs.
If I die tomorrow speak well of me,
I'm living life like I only get one.
There's a great big sky up above Me,
And a great big beautiful sun,
Great big beautiful sun.

(Verse 2)
She says it makes her sad when She thinks about our destiny.
She says she wants to love me but She can't get a guarantee.
I said "Life doesn't always work Out the way you want it to be.
Don't you know that's how it goes
When you fall in love with someone
Like me?"

(repeat chorus)

Smooth Little Frontyard

Written By: Trent Turner

My baby likes to mow her lawn,
When the grass grows long and all.
My baby likes to mow her lawn,
When the grass grows long and
My baby likes to mow her lawn,
When the grass grows long and
She's got a smooth little frontyard,
She's my smooth,
Smooth little baby doll.

(verse 1)
She's got a funny little name she
Calls it, but I don't know what it's
She's got a funny little name she
Calls it, but I don't know what it's
She's got a funny little name she
Calls it, but I don't know what it's
You know I just can not pronounce
It, but it feels so smooth I call it

(repeat chorus)

(verse 2)
She calls and says "Come Over",
But I said "I think I'll pass".
She says "Would it make a
Difference, if you knew that I
Mowed the grass?"
I said "Well it might..."
"Oh", I said "Well it may.
I know just why you do it. Because
You know that I'll come over to

(repeat chorus)

Children of Divorce

Written By: Trent Turner

(verse 1)
Well I know I'm not supposed to
Come around, 'cause I said I
Wouldn't come around here no
I'm just trying to see if anybody
Around here's seen Jimmy, John,
And Joe.
Do you remember them boys?
The three brothers born three in
A row?
They had a little sister,
Good health missed her,
Little sister never made the show.
I used to hang with the boys,
Sit around discussing every little
Thing about being poor.
They were usually glad,
But occasionally sad,
Because their daddy walked out
The door.
When I first met Jimmy he was 15,
John was 9 and Little Joey 4.
By the time he was twenty,
I could tell that little Jimmy,
Didn't love his mom anymore.

I said,
Hey now they tore 'em down,
Everybody that was lost,
Has since been found.
Hey now they tore 'em down,
You know the children of divorce,
Comin' back around.
Hey now they tore 'em down,
And everybody that was lost,
Has since been found.
Hey now they tore 'em down,
You know the children of divorce,
Are comin' back around.

(verse 2)
Fast forward to now,
And I'll tell you how,
The three brothers are doing today.
They seem to be fine,
But even the blind,
Can see the obstacles in their way.
You know the paparazzi missed the
There's more to the story than the
Papers say.
The children of divorce,
Got an invisible force,
That keeps the ones that love 'em
At bay.

(repeat chorus)


CD releases:
Billy Badass (2009)
Bad Soul Brother (2006)
Children of Divorce (2003)

Set List

There are two types of shows that we play: 1) All original, or 2) Original with a mix of selected covers that we make our own.

Either set can go as short as a few songs to as long as five hours, depending on the needs of the venue owner.

Besides my originals (about 60 songs), I select songs to cover from a mixture of blues and rock artists such as The Rolling Stones, Howling Wolf, The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Freddie King, and even Queen.