Seattle, Washington, USA

Trentalange's music is a balance between raw power and vulnerability. It is dark, sophisticated, cinematic rock that conjures imagery of grey landscapes and troubled characters wrapped in beautiful ornate clothing.


Influential, now legendary, female-focused zine Venus (RIP) referred to the 2006 debut Trentalange album Photo Album of Complex Relationships as disturbing music for disturbing times, and while the times might still be disturbing, Barbara Trentalangeis writing from a more joyous place than before.  Her mix of Annie Lennoxs most sinister growl and PJ Harveys vocal anguish (also noted by Venus) remains, but becoming a mother since the release of her most recent album Awakening, Level One in 2009, has changed Trentalanges mood.

Fans of the artists work will not miss Trentalanges sensitivity to the human soul, as her deft hand at drawing character studies continues throughout Same Illusion, her upcoming third album, scheduled for release on January 28th, 2014. And whileTrentalanges songs are still dark in timbre on the new record, they now shine with glimmers of brightness that revolve around themes of love, longing, and spirit. Sonically, the tunes reflect this new light, as well.

I wanted to draw on my love of soul music and singer-songwriters for this record, Trentalange says of Same Illusion, listing Dusty SpringfieldStevie WonderDolly PartonLou ReedNina Simone, and Bruce Springsteen as artists that influenced the tightly focused album that draws much of its precision fromTrentalanges disciplined work ethic.

After five years as frontwoman for the darkly sophisticated Seattle-based band SpyglassTrentalange already knew what it was like to work around other peoples schedules, but the creation of Same Illusion put these skills to an even greater test.

I needed to wait until my daughter was in pre-school before I could concentrate on writing again, she says of her new life as both artist and mother.  And once she was in school, I treated making this record like a day job. Every morning after dropping her off, I would have four hours to work on writing and recording simultaneously. When the time was up, I had to walk away.

The new process gave Trentalange a fresh perspective on her work, which turned editing her rough batch of songs into a cutthroat experience. I threw most of it out, she explains of how 30 songs were whittled down to the final eight that made the record. I didnt try to salvage something if it wasnt working. Ultimately, these brutal decisions for her make for an easy and seamless experience for the listener.

As with all previous Trentalange records, Same Illusion was produced by Martin Feveyear (Brandi CarlileMark Lannegan,Jessie Sykes), who Trentalange met during her time as a touring member of Crooked Fingers.  The first single from the album isReconnected, a very personal tune that speaks directly to what makes Same Illusion a bright light in Trentalanges growing catalog.

By exploring my emotions and being honest with myself, Ive been going through a long process of healing, she says candidly of her recovery from clinical depression. Reconnected is about this journey towards forgiving myself for all of the self-destructive beliefs I have been holding onto, and learning to love my spirit again.

Of the albums intriguing title, Trentalange explains that Same Illusion is an acknowledgment that reality is just a distortion, a frank but true acceptance of life being what we make it.  As heard on this latest album of songs, it seems that Trentalange is making it well.

Same Illusion, the latest album by Seattle-based songwriter and musician Barbara Trentalange is scheduled for release onJanuary 28th, 2014.  The albums first single Reconnected is streaming now.


Lonely Land

Written By: Barbara Trentalange

He was perched upon the barstool
looking casual and cool
looking for submission
from some sweet little fool

They call him handsome William
though tough looking he's smooth
with his infinite gaze
that takes hold, looks right through

Oooh his eyes violet blue
he said follow me to lonely land
I can tell that you want to with that glance

he may be looking for forgiveness
or just a warm place to rest
as he snapped back his shot glass
he just may be your guest
"Hello sugar darlin', wouldn't you like to be
with a no good man that can surely set you free?"

Oooh he's brand new
he said follow me to lonely land
I can tell that you want to with that glance

Oh I'm tempted to go
he said follow me to lonely land
I know what you want, now's your chance

Racing With Nowhere to Go

Written By: Trentalange

He heads out of town
Strapped to his back
The troubles that he found

Shuffle of his feet
Kicking up dust
For him to breathe

With nowhere to go
To speed up time that’s slow

Running for the door
Flip a coin to where it goes

To flee at each day
Trying to escape
All of his mistakes

Thoughts in his head
Don’t make room
For well-wishes that were said

With nowhere to go
To speed up time that’s slow

Running for the door
Flip a coin to where it goes