Trent Hancock

Trent Hancock

 New York City, New York, USA

Trent Hancock is a bicoastal singer-songwriter currently hailing from Brooklyn, New York. With his current EP Ghostbird, Trent has created a refreshing brand of pop music that is lyrically sophisticated, soothing to the ear yet hard to get out of your mind.


Trent Hancock has come a long way from his post-college days in San Diego both geographically and musically. Though the differences from his successful electronic rock duo (Ghostbird) and his current unfiltered pop material are vast, the old name lives on as the title of Hancock’s current EP.

Though he hails from the west coast, Hancock’s inspiration for the Ghostbird EP comes from relocating to the raw streets of Brooklyn. The singer was so inspired by touring through New York City last year that he took the plunge and embarked on a cross-country move. Hancock began immersing himself in the New York City open mic showcase scene and it inspired him to develop some new songs with a mainstream pop/rock sound.

He wouldn’t stay away from the West Coast for long, though. Los Angeles producers Mikal Blue and Andrew Williams (Colbie Callait / Five For Fighting) took notice of his new musical vision and asked him to come out to LA to further develop the Ghostbird EP with them.

The 6-song EP has thought-provoking lyrics, a smooth sound and, according to Clear Channel Radio, IMMENSE potential! Chosen as their NEW! MUSIC MONDAY Artist On The Rise, across their whole network on 10/11/10, Adult Contemporary music stations like KBCO (Denver), The Sound (St Louis), Lite FM (New York City) and KOST (Los Angeles) have Trent on their homepages to introduce him to listeners.

Trent toured the U.S this summer with renowned acoustic soul singer/songwriters Ernie Halter and Tony Lucca as well as Jason Reeves, Brendan James and Joe Brookes. He recently headed out with Ingram Hill for a number of dates, sponsored by iFrogz.

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Ghostbird EP -Released October 2010