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Unknown Shores (EP)



It is unfortunate to find that the modern artist is so willing to sacrifice true musical depth for generic hooks and repetative choruses...However, this is not the case with Trenton, a band who has made a name for themselves by creating melodies that are both beautiful and strikingly innovative. Kyle Harberts, Brian Beaudry, and brothers Aaron and Ryan Courtney are all driven by a sincere passion of music.

Based in the musically dead area known as Hudson Fl, the band has been through their ups and downs in search of recognition; looking to the future with optimism and the intention to take music as far as their dreams will allow.

Described by several critics as "An uplifting melancholy"... Trenton has done nothing but grow over the past three years of existence. Birthed by life's occurences and inspired by loved ones lost... It is easy to be disappointed by circumstances out of your control.

Haunted by the tragic suicide of his father, frontman Ryan Courtney has woven his thoughts, fears, and grief into a collaboration of songs. "Unknown Shores" (produced by Matt Goldman) has been dubbed as "a poetically honest record." The perfect blend of ambient guitars, soothing melodies, and somber piano is sure to leave you breathless.

In the midst of tragedy, there is a subtle sense of hope with "Unknown Shores," where songs like "Bright Red" describe how recalling precious memories can maintain sanity. The title track of the record tells of dreams and being reunited with loved ones who have passed away. "Unknown Shores" is an overall positive and nostalgic experience that is worth exploring.