Trenton Davis

Trenton Davis

 Murrieta, California, USA

Trenton was raised in a 2-parent household in NC. His high school was 95% white and he then attended a historically black college; uncomfortable in both spaces. Trenton’s clean/edgy comedy looks at problems (self-esteem, dating, war in Afghanistan) and offers hilarious non-everyday solutions.


Trenton Davis was raised in a dual parent household in a rural county of Greensboro, NC. He attended a high school that was 97% white and then followed that up with attending a historically black college. His unique experiences have shaped his views and created one of the best comedic minds of our generation. Trenton looks at everyday problems (i.e. war on Iraq, dating, politics) and offers hilarious non-everyday solutions.
Comedian, motivational speaker, actor - Trenton Davis has been performing since 1997, has lived in three major comedy cities (Chicago, San Francisco, LA) and has made his mark on each one. Diverse audiences and fellow comedians alike are drawn to his charismatic style and witty material like a moth to a flame – always leaving them wanting more than one set can offer.
Trenton features for over 12 comedy clubs across US. His largest credits to date have been featuring for Jon Lovitz, Josh Blue, Natasha Leggero, Steve Trevino, Will Durst and many more. Trenton Davis currently resides in Hollywood, California.

Set List

1st Black President
1st Black Pope
War in Afghanistan
"Real" America
Marriage Degree
Divorce Insurance
Black character in School plays
Cute as a kid
Insecure - perfect size
Men are simple
Dating a liberal woman
Dating Keyser Soze (liar)
Seeing a shrink
Strong enough for a Black Woman
Day job
Not in the mood
Double standards
Cracker Barrel