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Trent Romens

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | SELF

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | SELF
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"Aware Trent Romens"

Trent Romens' "Aware" shows a powerful voice--crystalline in tone, yet
bluesy all the way.
John Shelton Ivany - Top 21: A Weekly Guide to the Music Industry's Buzz & Latest Releases

"Trent Romens Aware by Lady K"

Trent Romens is a blues newcomer, out of Minnesota. No, he really is ‘new.’ He’s a teenager, who loves the blues! Lady K is pretty sure that no 19-year old ‘kid’ should be able to play electric-guitar blues the way that Trent Romens already does. He’s very talented – and it’s not just ‘electric’ guitar blues, but acoustic, and slide; this young man was obviously born holding a guitar-pick.

First off, about Aware; the CD contains 10 tracks, with 8 original tunes (yes, Trent also writes music and lyrics), with 2 covers which will be familiar to blues lovers – St. Louis Jimmy’s “Going Down Slow” and Big Bill Broonzy’s “Key to the Highway.” Trent is backed up by an impressive group of musicians, including John Wright (bass, and the co-producer); Toby Marshall on Hammond B-3; Jordan Carlson on drums and Tony Paul on percussion; and backup vocalists Cate Fierro and Shalo Lee.
There’s a lot to like on Aware: “Material Blues” is a short blues-stomp, with background vocals giving it a kind of gospel sound which preach that longing for material goodies will get ya nowhere. “Fairy Tale” is a slow bluesy tune, with lyrics that warn “Hold on to your soul, don’t you ever let go. Life is an open page waiting to be filled; sometimes you go where you don’t want to go in this Fairy Tale.” There’s a lengthy instrumental end to this tune, led by Trent’s insane guitar; it builds and builds to a climax that then ends in a whisper of that same guitar - very impressive.
“With You” is a slow love song; during vocal breaks, the guitar sings the more plaintive love song; it speaks well for the singer and grabs at one’s heart. “Love’s Lost Cause” has about two very impressive instrumental minutes at the end, which makes it one of Lady K’s favorite tracks.

Aware, while showcasing a huge guitar talent, good original music, and nice lyrics, also saddened Lady K because Trent Romens’ vocal talents left much to be desired. Nearly every song was performed in a kind of monotone, sing-speak style that was more disappointing because the singer was playing such great guitar. I wondered if maybe he was trying to do too much, between writing music and lyrics and playing lead guitar. The good news is that on one track, the cover of “Key to the Highway.” Trent actually, really sang. This was Lady K’s favorite track on this CD, because it showed that Romens really CAN sing, and understands vocal inflection; which means that there’s hope for better CDs, when he finds his vocal-style.

In the meantime, really good blues guitar, Trent Romens!!!
- Boston Blues


While most nineteen year olds are either placing their feet firmly on the lower rungs of the employment ladder or alternatively embarking on an educational journey through University, The young Trent Romens from Edina, Minnesota is treading the boards and paying his dues by playing the Blues, he was intrigued enough at the age of eleven to pick up and start learning to play the guitar now, also, at the ripe old age of nineteen he is undertaking his own kind of educational journey that of the touring, recording blues artist. His father noticed that the music young Trent was playing at such a tender age was in fact the blues and by the age of thirteen he could be found performing alongside such notable Minnesota artists as Wain McFarlane, Barbara LaShore, Willie Murphy and Jimi ‘Primetime’ Smith. Now, with this his debut album of ten numbers we find within it a myriad of influences, including a mixture of Duane Allman, Jerry Garcia, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley.

Joining Trent on lead vocals and guitar, John Wright; bass and co-producing duties, Toby Marshall; Hammond B-3, Jordan Carlson; drums and Tony Paul; percussion. The numbers range from the almost Metal sounding “Stimulate Me.” The swaying, striking riffs have more than echoes of Ritchie Blackmore’s distinctive guitar style, to the Country Blues stomping, Dobro led, tambourine and slide laced “Material Blues,” an acoustic number with a dark menacing depression era atmosphere, reminiscent of Blind Willie Johnson at his most despondent. Elements of Elmore James can be found in the bursting, guitar runs of “Right Back Where I Started,” that cut into the bubbling, swirling sound of the b-3. Whereas, “Fairy Tale,” is a slowburning guitar driven ballad containing lively and striking flurries that culminate into a highly energetic closing solo. Whilst the standout cover of St. Louis Jimmys “Going Down Slow,” is simply seven minutes of emotive slow, slowburning Hammond and wailing guitar that is almost painful in it’s beseeching organ that underpins an even more tortured and sorrowful guitar playing, stunning! This debut may not be for purists, but it is toe-tapping its way into the blues of the future.

Highly recommended!
Brian Harman.
- Blues Matters

"Trent Romens Aware"

It seems that over the last few years most of the young blues and rock guitar slingers have emerged on our side of the 'pond', however here is an assured 10-song set from 19 years old Trent Romens, from Edina, Minnesota . . . he definitely has the requisite 'chops' in the guitar playing stakes, but even at his tender age he seems to have a pretty decent voice too!

In the company of John Wright (bass and co-producer), Tony Marshall (Hammond B-3), Jordan Carlson (drums), Tony Paul (percussion) and Cate Fierro and Shalo Lee (backing vocals) he kicks off “Aware” with the thumping “Stimulate Me”, with it's stop-time and his fiery guitar underpinned by the afore-mentioned Marshall's fine Hammond playing. He changes the pace on the country blues stomp of “Material Blues” - starting off on acoustic before changing to electric and featuring the fine backing vocals of Fierro and Lee.

He rocks hard on his own “Fairy Tale” which builds to a close with a blistering guitar solo, before he and the band stretch out over 7:35 on the blues classic, “Going Down Slow”, with searing slide intro over Marshall's keyboards and plenty of dynamite soloing from Romens himself. The strutting “Right Back Where I Started” has a “Walking Blues” feel to it with impressive vocal from the young man and more slide fireworks. The release's only other cover is a take on Big Bill Broonzy's “Key To The Highway” . . . delivered here acoustically to show Romens versatility.

The ballad “Love's Lost Cause” is a soulful original, his vocal ably backed up by Cate Fierro and Shalo Lee as the songs builds throughout its course, with more guitar fireworks at the end; the album closing with “Hey Now”, a return to the acoustic guitar, with a reggae feel - possibly inspired by the late, great Bob Marley - plus harmony vocals and the percussion of Tony Paul . . . a nice ending to a fine release from a name to keep an eye on for the future.

- Blues in the Northwest

"Trent Romens - Aware"

...And that must be "folk" as in "people", rather than "music", as the heavy riffing opener, 'Stimulate Me', implies that this set is pitched more between blues-rock and straight ahead rock, rather than drawing on any older traditions; but then 'Material Blues' opens with some fine slide guitar work, demonstrating that 18 year old singer and guitarist Trent, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is maybe, after all, aware of what has gone before. Later in the set he also includes a couple of covers of blues standards too: 'Going Down Slow' is a passionate performance lasting just over seven and a half minutes, whilst 'Key To The Highway' is given a laid-back acoustic-based rendition. Trent lists some varied influences: Bob Marley (who is quoted and pictured on the sleeve and listen to the acoustic closer), Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, and The Allman Brothers, and the latter's approach can be heard on 'Right Back Where I Started', which is also in a blues format, but Hendrix was surely the inspiration for the wild guitar break in 'Fairy Tale'. Several of the other tracks recall the sound of early 70s rock, but all are intelligent songs, well written and delivered.
Rating: 7 - Norman Darwen
- Blues in Britain


Aware (Jan. '11)

Publicist Betsie Brown of Blind Raccoon handled the publicity for Trent Romens' debut album, Aware. It received high acclaim from radio and publications alike. The album was also honored by making it onto the Grammy Entry List for Best Blues Album '11.



"A great young guitar player has arrived. He can play fast but has enough soul to play "Key to the Highway" and sound like he means it." -Bruce McCabe (writer of Jonny Lang's hit "Lie to Me")

"I hear strong, soulful vocals-much cooler than the radio is lately!" - Kevin Bowe, Grammy-winning songwriter

Following in the footsteps of some great blues pioneers before him, young guitar-slinger Trent Romens is also stepping off their beaten path to blaze his own trail. With an electrifying stage presence and a deeply personal guitar-playing style, the breakout newcomer is winning over an impressive string of audiences.

While jamming on a guitar in his living room as an 11-year old, Trent’s passion for the blues hit when his father noticed him playing a unique progression. “You know what you’re playing? That’s the blues!” his dad said. Inspired by that moment, Trent absorbed himself in the blues and the music the genre has inspired. Trent's greatest influences are the artists that have proven their music to be timeless, and whose songs hold great weight: the lyrics of Bob Marley and Dylan, the improvisational spirit of the Grateful Dead, and the scorching guitar grooves of the The Allman Brothers Band. “I respect the music that has come before me,” says Trent. “It’s through these influences that I’ve learned: what goes in comes out. I pour myself into my music. It’s who I am.”

By the time he was 13, Trent was making appearances at weekly blues jams and getting noticed by the pros. The kid with the guitar was turning heads. Soon, Trent was being invited to perform with some of the Twin Cities’ most respected musicians including Wain McFarlane, Barbara LeShoure and Willie Murphy.

Now 18, Trent is bursting onto the music scene with a breakthrough solo CD and a headline show backed by some of the area’s best talent. “Aware”, Trent’s debut release, is an exceptional effort in songwriting, singing and fiery guitar playing.. The disc showcases a songwriting maturity that moved Grammy Award-winning songwriter Kevin Bowe to proclaim, “I hear strong, soulful vocals – much cooler than the radio.”

Trent’s passion spills over to the audience in waves during his live performances. “He plays from the heart,” says Elijah Blue, Trent’s first jam session leader, who has witnessed Trent’s rapid rise from jam session favorite to headline star. “Every time he plays, he plays something fresh and new. There’s an excitement there that’s captivating.”

Surrounded by a depth of musical influences and exposed to many more while playing with the greats, Trent’s music is a hybrid of rock, blues and soul. His sound combines an avalanche of styles with an emotional outpouring that injects the blues with a modern-day youthful attitude.

Check out Trent Romens’ “Aware” or attend a live performance and see for yourself what has the Twin Cities’ music scene buzzing. Trent continues to discover his own unique and powerful sound. His natural stage presence is spell-binding and his music has the ability to absorb the audience; they see and hear nothing but Trent and his guitar.