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"Ain't Nothin' Changed CD Review"

Tresa Street has a surprisingly rich voice. I mean that literally -- when the first lines of "Lie To Me" rolled out of my speakers, I was startled enough to stop the CD and check to make sure I had the right artist. This couldn't be a new artist; surely I'd have heard her on the local country stations. This had to be some classic country CD I'd overlooked. But no -- this was Tresa Street's Ain't Nothin' Changed.
This is country music, and there are the stereotype songs familiar to any country fan, the broken-hearted songs like "Lie To Me," the end-of-the-day party tune "Let's Go Dancing." But those who think that all country songs are ballads to loss will be surprised by the hopeful

outlook in most of these songs. One of my favorites on the album, the rolling "Ain't Nothin' Changed," focuses on the often ignored joys of a happy, long-term relationship. The straight-up hilarious "Rockin' a Baby," with Tresa voicing an all too common woman's complaint of immature men, gets some of the best lines on the album: "I'd really like to spank you but you're too damn big ... I'm tired of rockin' a baby ... Gonna roll with a real man."
Tresa even manages to redeem a song I would have sworn I despised, the much-overplayed "I Believe I Can Fly." Her voice carries enough soul to change this song from a preachy pop anthem to the spiritual affirmation of faith the lyrics suggest it should be. The closest thing to a weak point in the album is the already-dated "Is That Your Final Answer?" with its obvious Who Wants to be a Millionaire references. It's possible that the catch phrase is so generic it will actually wear well and lose its game show connection, but the memory of Regis Philbin's grating voice intruded too much for me to enjoy this song.
Tresa Street is a fairly new artist, but her sound is already classic. Her music has no unnecessary frills, no long wailing solos, just heartfelt singing and tunes sliding gracefully from blues to rock 'n' roll in the way that only really great country can manage. It's not groundbreaking stuff, but when music sounds this right, ain't nothin' needs to change.
[ by Sarah Meador ]
Rambles: 19 April 2002 - Rambles ezine

"Country Artist brought to you courtesy of"

Tresa Street
Portland, Tennessee lays claim to the fact that it is the birthplace of one of country music's rising stars, Tresa Street.
Like lots of her heroes she discovered her love for music, her mother claims she was singing before she could talk.
Like lots of country singers she started singing in church (a bet there aren't many who started when they were just three years old. ) where her great grandfather preached. From church she moved onto local fairs and festivals.
Tresa didn't restrict herself to country music she tried all genres and confesses to likeing and loving them all but in her heart of hearts she knows country is for her. One radio DJ said that her musical heroes were Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette coupled with Tina Turner and Cher.
On being asked the perennial question how can this be possible, Tresa explains how all these ladies have not only music in common but a struggle against and overcoming great adversity, how through good and bad they stuck to their dream. Like her the music comes straight from the heart.
When you hear Tresa sing a love song you know she's singing about true love. When she sings about her man being childish and refusing to grow up like in Rockin' a Baby you know she's known a man like that. Tresa and her music are the real Mc Coy.
Tresa is not just a singer she writes and more importantly she performs her music, you will hear lots of blues influences in Tresa Streets songs enjoy. This lady is really going places.
Tresa's recently re released album Baby It's You is reviewed here.
Track 1 Baby It's You - a great cover of the Burt Bacharach song this is a good a rendition as you will ever hear. Highlights the sheer quality in Tresa's voice.
Track 2 If I Let Him Touch Me - When I first heard this I thought it was Anne Murray it's the kind of song she sings so well and Tresa actually does it better, song about letting him love her out of leaving him.
Track 3 Last Light - a great J da' Boogie number once again a song that highlights Tresa amazing versitality.
Track 4 Love Rules - Dancers will like this a nice black coffee number sung to perfection. Self explanatory title lets face it everything goes out of the window when we fall in love.
Track 5 If I'm Not Crazy - Highlights the diversity in this ladies voice she play's with every emotion you have then just when you think you're back in control you hits you again.
Track 6 Oh Boy - Another cover song and not many ladies will take on this song, love this version of a very old classic.
Track 7 Fire - a Bruce Springsteen hit and once again a great version, a voice that oozes sensuality.
Track 8 A Man Like You (written by Tresa) - a quality voice bringing the best out of her own lyrics, she's convinced me that she's singing this song just too me.
Track 9 What's It Gonna Take (Written by Tresa & Dwight Martin) - Just to prove she does uptempo just as well as she croons a great Tush Push number.
Track 10 Everytime I Think It's Over (Written by Tresa & Dave Richardson) - This could be a classic country song, I really like this number. - Coral Casino and sports book


Tresa Street comes from Portland, Tennessee. She is a singer/songwriter with a powerful voice and is up there with the current crop, or should be, as she can hold her place with the best of those raunchy female country singers. She also proves she is a very talented songwriter. "Naturally" is one of 4 of her own compositions, a gentle bluesy song about wanting to share her feelings. I especially liked "I Can Count On You" the title track "Ain't Nothing Changed" and "That's My Final Answer" all written by Tresa. She knows how to make a song her own, with her interpretation of the beautiful "I Believe I Can Fly" (Robert Kelly) and the standards "Love Letters" and "I Wish" and getting a fresh recording as good as the originals. Other songs include the Mike Reid/Kent Robbins ballad "When He Leaves You" delivered with great feeling and the up-tempo "Somebody Will" . The musicians include top notch Nashville session players and the production is great from Michael Radford. Originally released in 2001 this 14 song CD (which was lost in radio in 2002 when Country radio couldn't recognise a country song til it hit them) is now a reissue for 2005 following continued radio play world-wide. It also contains the latest single, "Rockin' A Baby", up tempo and raunchy, a perfect song for today's radio listeners and country music fans. To get a copy you could try
‘till next time, Gerry Ford
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"music you won't forget"


music you won't forget

Country music artist Tresa Street will be performing on the world famous Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree, on November 5th, 2005, at the historic Texas Troubadour Theater in Nashville Tennessee. For the Saturday night event, Tresa will be performing a song written by her and co-writer Don Harp that has never been released. The show will be hosted by Country Music’s, Margo Smith.

The Midnight Jamboree began in 1947, adjacent to the Ernest Tubb Record Shop on Broadway in Nashville, TN. It was and still is broadcast every Saturday night before a live audience immediately following the Grand Ole Opry. Originally, the Midnite Jamboree featured a different country music star as host for the hour long show and served as a showcase for deserving young hopefuls and their latest record releases. The Midnite Jamboree continues to this day, and is WSM radio 650-AM’s second-longest continuous broadcast.

Tresa Street is noted for her radio singles Naturally and Ain’t Nothin’ Changed, which gained her international attention. She is a prolific writer and wrote both her singles. Although Tresa is known as one of today’s modern country artists, she does not limit herself to just one style. She writes songs in a modern country style about love, romance, and life. She has known the joy of true love; she has suffered the pain of losing; she has felt the ecstasy of passion. When she writes, it's from the heart; when she sings, it's from her soul. Tresa Street is all about music - all kinds and all styles.

MP3s of "Rockin' a Baby", a copy of Ain't Nothin' Changed or Baby It's You albums, interviews, and print quality photos available to the media by request. We now have a MEDIA ONLY website where these can be downloaded from.

- Wildfire Publicity

"CMA Music Festival Interview"

Tresa has a very different and identifiable voice and style, so it's hard to describe her music. Although she is Country and admires Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton greatly, she does not sing like them. She is a fresh Country version of Rosanne Cash, Gloria Estefan or maybe even Cher. She writes songs in today's Country style that all women can relate to. They talk about love, romance and life. Because of her charismatic looks and musical energy she is very appealing to both men and women.
Ch.: Tresa you are a prolific songwriter and you write a lot of different styles of music. In order to share some of your non-Country songs with your fans you have recorded an awesome album of Christian music. Please tell us more about it.
T.: I am still in the process of recording the Christian album. This album will let me branch off into a different genre of music. Throughout the years I have experienced some very inspirational things and I have included some of them in the songs for this album. I am especially excited about a song called "Heaven's Why". It's an inspirational song about why we should all want to go to Heaven. My label is allowing me to do a Bluegrass album as well as the Christian album and I'm sure it will be fun too.
Ch.: Tell us some more about this Bluegrass album. What inspired you to it?
T.: For me Bluegrass is definitely the root of Country Music, and I have written a lot of Bluegrass songs. So the label thought it would be interesting to do a "Tresa Street Style" Bluegrass album. Of course, just like me, "MY" Bluegrass music will be a little differrant than what's out there. I hope everyone will enjoy it.
Ch.: Tresa, what new things have happened in your life since the last time we have met?
T.: One of the most exciting things is the label re-released my 1996 "Baby It's You" vinyl album on CD due to popular demand. Also, I have been writing a lot of new music and working in the studio. And I have a new single out called 'Rockin' A Baby". We've done a lot of touring in the States and I would like to find a European agent to help setup a European tour for me in the near future, so I can meet all my fans over there.
Ch.: We have talked now about 3 of your albums - where are they available?
T.: Two of the albums, I have available here at the CMA Music Festival and they are also available on my website and at my label, ,as well as the normal retail outlets such as Wal-Mart for example. When the other CD's are finished they will be available at these outlets too.
Ch.: Tresa, what is the address of your website?
T.: It is
Ch.: What can fans find on your website?
T.: There is a lot of information about me on it. We also have a contest up there currently. How the contest works is that Fans would listen to some of the clips on the website or if you are already a Tresa Street fan and have my albums, you would submit the name of your favorite song and tell us why you like that song especially. There is a give-away of $100.00 each month for the best quote. This will be running for one year.
Ch.: Tresa, we know about you as an artist. What can you tell us about yourself as a person?
T.: I am exactly what you see and very straight forward. I am a country girl, born in Portland, Tennessee - so you could say that I am a Tennessee native. I have always loved and enjoyed music and people and I love to bass fish !
Ch.: What are your hopes for the coming year?
T.: The sky is the limit - I am shooting for the moon. I hope to have another successful record out soon, go on tour again and meet new people and fans and have fun.
Ch.: Most fans buy their music from websites like Amazon. Is your music available there too?
T.: Yes, it is available on, and
Ch.: Tresa is there something else you would like to tell the fans, that we have not yet covered?
T.: First, I want to thank all my fans for their support and let them know that we have added new things to the fan club membership package and that they can join my fan club directly on my website. We now include a free CD of their choice and an autographed photo along with other items, with every membership. Also, anyone that would like to book me for their next event (large or small) can do just at my website. Check it out at . I hope to see all of you soon, and thank you Christian for visiting with me !
Ch.: Thank you for the interview, Tresa.
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"Album Reviews:"Ain't Nothin' Changed""

Album Reviews:
"Ain't Nothin' Changed" - Simply put, this is, hands down, the best money I've ever spent on music. Tresa has a voice as smooth and sweet as milk and honey. My wife and I have been married for 35 years and have always said that the phrase which best describes us is "Together, we can do anything". In fact, we're having it put on our headstone. But if we were to choose a song to represent us, it would Tresa's "I Can Count On You", track #8 on this cd. The lyrics should be found in every manual for happy marriages. My other personal favorites are "Lie To Me", "Naturally", "When He Leaves You", "Nobody's An Angel", "Ain't Nothing Changed", and "Rockin' A Baby". There are no bad tracks on this cd. One should also note that Tresa wrote or co-wrote several of these tracks. If you like great country music, your collection won't be complete without a copy of this album. It boggles the mind trying to figure out why this lady wasn't snapped up by a big record label when she first grabbed a microphone. Unbeliveable. I've played this cd for a lot of people, and the only person who didn't like it, was a punk rocker type. For the rest of humanity, trust me, you will love this album. Tresa has the most beautiful voice you've ever heard!!! - Doug Morris/Indie Music Appreciation Group

"Album Review: "Baby It's You""

"Baby It's You" -HAPPY DAYS!! On July 10, 2005, I received a copy of this album in the new cd version from Tresa. Folks, it was worth the wait!! This is a really great album and I really LOVE it already! My only regret is that I've been missing out on this ear candy for so long! The disc has 10 tracks on it, including 3 that were written/co-written by Tresa; "A Man Like You", "What's It Gonna Take", & "Everytime I Think It's Over", all 3 of which are going on my Favorite Indie Song List!! Three of these tracks are covers of some of the best known songs of the "oldies" generation, including the title track, "Baby It's You", the old Buddy Holly golden song "Oh Boy", and one of Bruce Springsteen's better known songs, "Fire." Let me tell you something, Tresa's treatment of these three songs is so good that they sound like whole new pieces. Two of those are going on the Favorites list also. There are four other tracks on this album and all four of them are going on the Favorites list too!! These songs are "If I Let Him Touch Me", "Last Light", "If I'm Not Crazy", and another song with great lyrics for expressing love in a happy relationship, "Love Rules." Okay, so I'm putting 9 of the 10 tracks on the Favorites list; guess you know what that means; this album is now a part of my "Essential Indie Albums" list. You should consider your music collection to be less than complete if you don't have a copy of this wonderful album! Better go get one while it's available!
- Doug Morris/Indie Music Appreciation Group/IMAG


Radio Single-Naturally- 2001
Radio Single-Ain't Nothin' Changed-2002
Radio Single-I Fly-2003
Radio Single-Rockin' A Baby-2005
Ain't Nothin' Changed CD Album-2001
Baby It's You (1996 Reissue) CD Album-2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tresa Street is a singer, songwriter, and performer, born in the south and raised in the small country town of Portland, Tennessee. Her roots are about as country as you can get. As a young girl she discovered her love of music, not just Country music, but all music. All through her teenage years she developed her unique singing and writing talent and today she is living her dream.
Her mother lays claim that Tresa sang before she could talk. At the tender age of three, Tresa began singing in church, where her great grandfather preached and she also sang at all the local fairs and festivals. While doing that Tresa explored all kinds of musical styles, and fell in love with them all. Country Music being her heart of hearts. A radio DJ once read that she said her musical heroes were Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, along with Tina Turner and Cher. When he asked her how could this be possible, Tresa explained that she admires all these women, not only for their talent and music, but because, through good times and bad, they stuck to their dream. Their music like hers, comes straight from the heart. When Tresa sings a love song, such as her radio single “Naturally", you know she's singing about a real true love. When she gets rowdy and sings the somewhat humorous country Blues song “Rockin' A Baby” , about a man that just won't grow up, you somehow know she has been there, done that. She tells of her dreams and thousands of others just like her, in her recording of the timeless “I Believe I Can Fly”. Then turns around and rocks the house on “Wild About You”. Her music, like Tresa herself, is the real deal. Her producer has created a musical style that is fresh and new and compliments her own personal style. You won't find a lot of meaningless politically correct fluff, just true blue emotion set to music. Tresa is a true female singer, songwriter, and performer. She has lived, loved, laughed and cried. She has known the joy of true love, she has felt the ecstasy of passion and she has suffered the pain of losing. When she writes it's from the heart, when she sings it's from her soul. You will seldom ever hear her sing or write in the third person, that is to say about "other people". There is not a lot of she, her, they, or them in her songs. She is always about ; I, our, my and us.
So, whether you're young or old, like Country music, Pop or even the Blues, you're going to love Tresa & her music. Her modern country style of writing is about love, romance and life that everyone can relate to. If you haven't had the opportunity to hear her music or see her perform, we are sure that when you do, you will become an instant Tresa Street fan. She is truly an original!