Take a little of Sade, Tracy Chapman, Des'ree mixed with a little Roberta Flack then you have T'rese,already acclaimed for her talent in the likeness of these top chart-selling legendary artists.


T'rese's music unveils a wealth of talent... the labour of a genuinely multi-talented Singer/Songwriter.
She's a lady who knows precisely what she desires. And when necessary, she resorts to her
overwhelmingly mesmerising charm to dictate the sort of response she expects. In view of her
positive outlook on life and the way she so apply utilizes her tremendous gratifying propensities,
she's ever so willing to make the sacrifices to attain her ultimate goal.

Gentile and soft spoken, T'RESE is someone who, with an ever cheerful disposition, skilfully tackles
every objective carefully…and quite cautiously too. She's an avid listener. She weighs every word
uttered to her. And replies calmly; with the uppermost degree of respect. Yet she's by no means
the kind of individual anyone can attempt to walk over.

Theresa Theophile (that's her real name!)
was born in Roseau Dominica, the nature Island of the Caribbean and now resides in London
Whilst growing up on the beautiful Island in the Caribbean, she listened to the likes of Sade, Tracy Chapman, Mary J Bilge, Whitney Houston, Anita Barker, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, George Michael to name a few, some of the same superstars she's been compared to, but …T'rese's distinctive voice, makes her unique - something that is very uncommon in today's market. She's able to express herself without doing whateveryone else is doing.

T'rese takes us to A World of My Own, her new recording on 1Life Records she wrote - she also co-wrote and co-produced almost all the 13 tracks on the album.

It's soulful, uplifting and entertaining. With her smooth, silky vocals she kicks
off with the infectious 'Our Love Is a Flames' T'rese talks about the ups and downs in
relationships: 'Our love is a flame but it burned out, got smoke in our eye we could not see.
Our love is a flame but it burned to a cinder'. This track is hot and it's one of those songs
that any three year old, a grandma and grandpa will enjoy singing along to. There is the sexy
'You Are My Lover' a Spanish flavoured love song with an upbeat tempo. 'Crime Song' takes on
social issues with a hard-hitting lyric and poetic rap by Nomadic Poet: 'Too many lives are being
destroy, by negativity we portray all alone, crimes up at an all time high it delirious, it
putting fear in us, are we suppose to live like this, watching our back even at the park..'
Another catchy number 'Do You Remember' - a banging upbeat tune with a little Latin
& Caribbean flavour and soulful melody. T'rese demonstrates a mixture of musical influences, her natural silky voice blends perfectly with this classic laid back Sade-like track 'You've Gotta Be Strong'. Listen once and this track will most certainly relax every part of your body and it's turning out to be one of many favourites. 'One Step Forward' T'rese expresses her feelings so freely she says: 'I wanna give you pleasure we don't have to be in love...Kiss and tell, test the water don't be shy… take one step forward and be my guy, there's no-need to be cautious grab the chance, take one step forward for a little romance'. Other songs on the album address the complexity of male/female relationships and in the most convincing manner,
T'RESE's versatility is certified in the sensuous/soulful masterpiece blended with a touch of lovers rock
'That's the Way My Lovin' Goes'. This new artist certainly has staying power.


A world of my own..

Set List

All original material 2x45 mins