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London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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"Spinning a web of sensual soul"


Spinning a web of sensual soul
By Alex Melvin »

A SINGING sensation with a big voice and an even bigger talent is making waves in the world of pop.
Singer-songwriter T'rese Theophile, described by music critics as the next Sade, is determined to top the charts and break America with her unique brand of soul.
T'rese, of Wealdstone, has experienced a meteoric rise to fame since she posted a speculative demo tape to Luton-based record company Pipedream Productions last year.
"When the manager, Mike Curtis heard my tape, he was on the phone straight away," she said. "He said he loved my style, that I was different to everyone else out there, and that I was going to be a star."
T'rese's cool, sultry melodies, hit the right note with Mike who decided to launch an area-wide search for a backing group to support her and Luton played host to Pop Idol-style auditions to find an all-girl outfit to complement her.
T'rese was delighted with the five who made it through to form SenSu-elle.
"The auditions went really well, all the girls have amazing voices," she said. "We were going to be a girl-only band, but we're now on the look-out for one male vocalist to work with the six of us."
T'rese has already enjoyed remarkable success, even though she has not yet released a record. What Comes Up (Must Come Down), a catchy number set to be her first single, has produced a massive response from listeners of Luton FM and Chiltern FM, who jammed the phone-lines with endless requests for the song.
T'rese can hardly believe it has all happened so quickly but is undaunted and more than ready for bigger and better things.
"My target is to do well at the Brits next year," she said. "We're planning a summer album, which I have high hopes for. The feedback I'm getting from the public has been great.
"Mike thinks I've got a good chance of making it in America as well, because my voice has a universal appeal. I also sound a lot like Sade, who sold well in the States."
Sade is T'rese's main influence but she is also a huge admirer of Angie Stone and George Michael.
She said: "I've just bought George Michael's new album and it's sensational. I can't get over what an amazing voice he's got.
"I've always wanted to do a duet with Sade, but if the three of us got together it would really be something."
T'rese, born in Dominica in the West Indies, came to England in the early 90s to pursue her dream. At first, she stayed with an aunt in Milton Keynes but moved to Wealdstone in 1996, where she started performing in pubs and clubs across the capital. She said: "There are just more opportunities in England than back home. I like Harrow, it's a very quiet area but I do miss the Caribbean weather and and the food, especially the lovely natural fruits we have in Dominica."
T'rese and SenSu-elle, complete with a band featuring two guitarists, a drummer, a bassist, a keyboardist and a saxophonist, are busy rehearsing for their second big gig, at the Luton Asia Festival on Sunday, August 1.
Their first gig, a 40-minute slot at the Luton Town Carnival, almost brought the house down. For a band only weeks old, there is a rare chemistry between band-members, focused around T'rese, the group's creative centre.
Multi-talented T'rese is not only a lead singer, but a natural song-writer too.
"With my long-time partner Neil Scribbens, I write the arrangements, melodies and lyrics to the songs," she said. "Neil will sit at the keyboard and we'll work up the songs from there."
Launching a career in the pop world would be enough to keep most people busy, but not T'rese. She is also currently taking a home-based web-design course.
The way things are going, T'rese could soon be logging-on to superstardom.
- Harrow Times

"First Lasting Impression"

By Chris Seraphine

Because, by the most simplistic …. Limited definition of the term, “beautiful”; the on-looker whose mind is on the very narrow concept of “pretty” would, probably, have to appraise her on a number of times to draw a rationally evaluative conclusion that would fail to meet the approval of the wide majority. So, to be cautiously precise, she is not merely attractive …. She IS charming!
T’RESE’s physique is extremely magnificent … captivating!
She’s a lady who knows exactly what she desires
in life. And, when necessary, she resorts to her over-
whelming mesmerizing charm to dictate the sort of
response she expects.
In view of her positive outlook in life, and the
dynamic way she so aptly utilizes her tremendously
gratifying propensities, she’s; on her own; ever-so- willing to make the sacrifices to attain her ultimate goal.
Gentile and soft-spoken, T’RESE is someone who, with an ever cheerful disposition, skilfully tackles very objective carefully … and, quite cautiously; too! She’s an avid listener. She weighs every word uttered to her. And, replies calmly; with the uppermost degree of respect: being so very humble. Yet, she’s; by no means; the kind of individual anyone can attempt walk over. To the contrary, it would prove to be a severe blunder on the part of anyone who would, in-so-far, try to persuade her against her will.
I sensed that firm, very positive --- yet, quiet and cool strength of character and conviction in T’RESE long before – and, by a streak miraculous fate – my friend, Ericson, considered it vital to initiate that introduction.
Her peering eyes unleashed a spectacular glow that seemed to linger for a spell too long to endure. It dawned on me, then, that I was about to meet a stranger who; from learning of my involvement; was determined not to walk away without some firm commitment. The first act of formal salutation was a little uncomfortable to say the least; but, surely, there was no embarrassment.
To be honest, I have to admit that for a couple minutes, my eyes were fixed on her shapely, petite figure, as my mental faculties slowly detected the attributes desirable for success. She smiled! And, I suddenly discovered an attraction that seemed indescribably captivating.
Her lips ….. Tantalizing and inviting! Apparently, she had been, maybe on the previous day, well informed of my daily working routine and where-about.
Therefore, she turned up at Darroux’s Record Shop early enough to avoid any
disappointing consequence. By the time she finally declared, “I am
Theresa,” she had withdrawn a copy of her demo cassette from her hand-purse.

It amazed me to find out that, up to that point, she had yet not afforded me the chance to introduce myself. “You’re Chris? Right?” T’RESE matter-of-
fact enquired.

That presumptuous attitude astounded me. She continued, “This demo recording I did in England”.
The flourish of genuine English accent was not, as in most cases demonstrated by returning nationals from the Mother Colony. And, I liked that; because I literally naturally despise those West Indian copy-cats who, with the flow of the breeze, would over-night discard their native linguistic characteristics for that of some adopted home just to impress those at home on their return.
But, fortunately, T’RESE proved not to be one of those impressionists who, innocently, were only unaware of the unflattering display of their own inferiority complexes.

The absence of this deplorable trait in T’RESE’s personality instantaneously impressed me … so immensely that I found myself very much flabbergasted.
THERESA THEOPHILE (her real name!) was here, at her homeland, Dominica (pronounced: DOM-in-ee-ka) for a short visit. Showing up at DARROUX’s, as she eventually told me, was no coincidence. She had previously visited several local record shops; talking to proprietors about her demo and its market potentials. She had visited the two leading radio stations, as well. But, her stop at DARROUX’s turned out of greater significance to the reception she had received elsewhere. For some measure of privacy and cordiality, I took her across the bridge – on the way to Goodwill – to the Hope Restaurant & Bar. There we sipped grapefruit juice, as we talked. By the time this preliminary meeting had come to an end, we were both convinced that some much needed basic groundwork had to be established.
An extra-ordinarily splendid piece of work by COLIN PRESTON, ALAN DARBY and MICK LISTER --- the trio that provided the music to, up to that point in time, MISS Theophile dream-wise four-track single.
It became all too obvious to me that MICK was the remarkable driving force behind that lady. In conclusion, it was evident that the association had to be preserved.
The song that truly caught my spontaneous attention was “REACH OUT!” So, as I would usually do when I’d detect compositions that reminded me of something previously became a hit, I rushed to my record library, and picked up INGELBERT HUMPERDINCK’S compilation CD to make that comparison. After numerous repeats, all doubts were cleared. Same title! But, entirely different … in lyrical content and music arrangement!
Decision made! I succeeded in having T’RESE extend her stay. Thereafter, we met on several occasions. Before heading back to Britain, we agreed, “to keep Lister”. And, “Include Mr. C. JULIEN GUISTE, SNR. … bass-guitarist of the Caribbean region’s most prolific show-band; the defunct GAYLORDS POWER UNION.
Under the tight, close and capable clutches of JULIEN GUISTE, Theresa … by then, simply T’RESE … (the result of my intuition!) … amidst the sweat, toil and “a whole lot of dedication”; attended the recording sessions: covering another major step in the quest to become a star.
Coming as an after-thought was the need to include a reggae cut on that proposed maxi single that truly unveiled a labour of love for the art by a genuinely talented songwriter-singer-entertainer.
The thrilling innovation of the title track, REACH OUT, summoned the attention of the world to the plight of children in a wretched, wicked world of unscrupulous exploitation of these tender aged innocents. Then, there was “A.B.S.U.”: an acronym I am yet to discover the meaning of. Finally, came that scintillating reggae tune, “THAT’S THE WAY MY LOVIN’ GOES”.
Finally, T’RESE’s commercial-cut, professional marketed single was officially released.
Today, she has taken her career one giant step further with the release of her album, “A WORLD OF MY OWN”; with compositions from the pen and mind of Theresa “T’RESE” Theophile and T. Scribbins and, a sliced up single from that album; featuring album and
remix versions of “YOU ARE MY LOVER” and a white light extended mix of “OUR LOVE IS A FLAME”.

T’RESE’s album, “A WORLD OF MY OWN” is out now

Find out more about
at: www.treseonline.com & www.myspace.com/tresemusic

- Caribtempo Music


A World Of My Own- Ablum

You Are My Lover- Single 2008

You've Gotta Be Stonge-

That's The Way My Lovin' Goes( Raggae Version)



T’RESE’s music unveils a wealth of talent... the labour of a genuinely multi-talented Singer/Songwriter.
She's a lady who knows precisely what she desires. And when necessary, she resorts to her
overwhelmingly mesmerising charm to dictate the sort of response she expects. In view of her
positive outlook on life and the way she so apply utilizes her tremendous gratifying propensities,
she's ever so willing to make the sacrifices to attain her ultimate goal.
Gentile and soft spoken, T'RESE is someone who, with an ever cheerful disposition, skilfully tackles
every objective carefully…and quite cautiously too. She's an avid listener. She weighs every word
uttered to her. And replies calmly; with the uppermost degree of respect. Yet she's by no means
the kind of individual anyone can attempt to walk over.
Theresa Theophile (that's her real name!) Was born in Roseau Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean and now resides in London England. Whilst growing up on the beautiful Island in the Caribbean, she listened to the likes of Sade, Tracy Chapman, Mary J Bilge, Whitney Houston, Anita Barker, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, George Michael to name a few, some of the same superstars she's been compared to, but …T’RESE’s distinctive voice, makes her unique - something that is very uncommon in today's market. She's able to express herself without doing what everyone else is doing. For more info: go to www.treseonline.com