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"Pulse - My week in the clubs"

Beyond dub
Once a month at Andy Poolhall , the Version Xcursion 's Sassa'le and Aram Scaram throw a party called Dub And Beyond , which, as you might expect, focuses on the sounds of dub and dub-influenced music. This month's happened May 7.

They're also joined each month by vocalist Tre-Son , who drops his silky voice over the tracks and generally hypes up the crowd. Musically, the vibe ranges from vintage dub reggae to 80s dancehall to modern music with dub elements. The classics are effective at getting the dance floor moving, as nostalgia always is, but it's the "new dub" sounds that really set this night apart.

Dub has had a strong influence on the development of DJ culture; it was the first real example of remixing tunes and abusing the studio specifically to make a single more friendly for DJs. As such, elements of this sound have filtered into a wide variety of styles outside of the reggae canon, which allows a dub-focused night to be much more eclectic than you'd think at first.

- Now Magazine

"Treson meet VX - Single review"

Production Quality 6/7
Musical Arrangement 5/7
Packaging 7/7 - Reggae Xclusive


Treson meets VX - Jen-ee-rocka single also includes Moments.

Both songs are getting radio play. refer to bio for more details.



Treson is a collage of three cultures. Born in Montreal, raised in Jamaica and presently living in Toronto, Treson has collaborated with the VX’s Aram Scaram to push the new dub sounds. This single showcases the soulful reggae styling of Treson and the new dub production of Version Xcursion. ‘Music is a life journey’ says Treson, whose music is written from his experiences.

The lead single Jen-ee-Rocka is a classic theme in life speaking to the hearts that have been broken in some way or another. Vocally, Jen-ee-Rocka pays tribute to classic roots rock reggae, while Moments (the b-side) is more of a classic ballad rooted in the dub sounds. Treson’s powerful and conscious lyrics, along with his soulful delivery lend well to Version Xcursion’s signature new dub production.

Currently this single is in heavy rotation on Toronto’s community radio stations CKLN, CHRY & CIUT. It has been getting regular spins by the likes of Ron Nelson (Reggae mania, 88.1), King Turbo (Morning Ride, 89.5), Tony Barnes (Urban Space, 88.1) and Carrie T. Mullings (Rebel Vibes, 105.5) to name a few. It was #1 on CKLN’s charts for June, July and August. It is also in light rotation on Toronto’s urban radio station, Flow 93.5 FM.

This single was also released through RadioDirectX, which services radio stations, DJ’s and Sound systems worldwide. It is in rotation on over 80 radio stations and Internet radio, in 23 countries.

As a result of this release, Treson was the first Canadian artist booked for the 2006 Montreal International Reggae Festival. This is just the beginning of things to come. Listen out for the one they call Treson.