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Urban Alternative: A truly unique and evolved Hip-Hop/Rock sound -- think Slick Rick and Jay-Z meet modern rock at a BMX bike show! Tresor Hugo's records and performances maintain that same level of adrenaline, lyrical dexterity, passion, and excitement!


Tresor Hugo's disposition can be summed up in one phrase: Be Different. Be Great. Neva' Stop. He has applied this philosophy of purpose and creativity to all aspects of his life, most notably his music. As a multi-talented, Hip-Hop/Rock artist and producer, Tresor Hugo has developed a distinctive musical style that seamlessly intertwines the energy of Hip-Hop with the passion of Rock and the soul of R&B. His unique lyrical style combines the fun and flavor of old school Hip-Hop with the ingenuity and fervor of today's socially conscious emcees.

As a producer, Hugo does not just produce beats...he Spielbergs music. His diverse musical style enables him to set moods and elicit a multitude of emotions from his audience. His mature delivery, energetic flow, strong lyrical content, and original beats join forces to achieve classic music. According to Chris Hassiotis of Flagpole Magazine, "Tresor Hugo's style [and stage show prove that] a social conscience and good times can co-exist."

Born in Angola, Africa, Tresor Hugo was raised primarily in New York, and currently lives in Metro-Atlanta, GA. He took a break from live performances last summer to complete and perfect his highly anticipated debut album. The album, titled ACCORDING TO MY FLOW, is the consummate evolution of his previous mixtape projects, including The Bridge, Primetime, and the No Mixtape Like It series. Along with Hugo's familiar up-tempo, hard-hitting, Hip-Hop/Rock records, ACCORDING TO MY FLOW also features a more mellow side of Hugo in songs like "Fly Girl" and "Good Times," which exhibit Hugo's superb story-telling capabilities.

So who is this album for? Well according to Hugo, "If you would want to smack your boss, quit your job, go home and make a booty call, while watching TV all day, and STILL make money, then you'll love this album!" Overall, ACCORDING TO MY FLOW illustrates the struggle and triumph of the everyday person when faced with the challenge to reject the mold of conventional societal standards and embrace one's own unique destiny (hence the album's title with an emphasis on the word MY).

The album release party, which was held in late January 2007, kicked off Bigger Dream Entertainment's Fruckin' Freshness Tour 2007. The tour is scheduled to make stops in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, and the Carolinas (and a few international stops as well). Stay tuned to WWW.TRESORHUGO.COM and WWW.MYSPACE.COM/TRESORHUGO for upcoming tour dates and in-store appearances.


Tresor Hugo Releases:

Album Project (LP) - "According to My Flow"

Radio Airplay (Fresh As I Wanna Be & Explode!!!) on University of Georgia's WUOG 90.5 and Georgia State University's WRAS 88.5

Mixtape Projects -
1. The Bridge
2. PRIMETIME - the Re-Mixtape
3. NO MIXTAPE LIKE IT Series (1,2, & 3)

Set List

Set tends to vary from 10-30 minutes. "Staple" songs of each performance include singles from the LP (and some mixtape favorites):

1. Fresh As I Wanna Be
2. Explode!
3. Give a what
4. Fly Girl
5. Now You Know
6. Break Me Down