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During more than eight years of developing a sound and community, Trespassers William switched several members before forming its current and longest lasting group: Matt Brown, Ross Simonini, Anna-Lynne Williams and Jme. The band became a presence on the music scene with their second album, Different Stars, which was originally released only in Europe but later, re-released worldwide on Nettwerk Records (2004). The album established Trespassers as subtle, nuanced songwriters and hinted at influences of ambient and folk and shoegaze. The group spent two years touring internationally and performed with such acts as Damien Rice, Stereolab and Morrissey. Then, in early 2005 they rented a house in the outskirts of Seattle and began to reinterpret the focus of their sound.
For Having, their newest album, the band traveled to Tarbox Studios (Buffalo, New York) and worked together with the renowned producer/mixer Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Mogwai, Low, etc.) to push their songs toward more complex textures and into deeper extremes of quiet and loud. They began to create a more diverse sound through the constant rotation of instruments through band members.
This change in style and attitude has also complimented the band’s live performances. Their sets include more powerful shifts in dynamic, live video projection and constant instrument changes. The more electronic tracks on Having also tend to utilize more acoustic treatments on stage, making the live show a unique and separate experience from the album.
In the remaining months of 2005, the band will release, a live iTunes session to prepare for the release of having set for an early 2006. Tours of the US, Canada and, Europe will kick off in Feb. 2006 as well.


safe sound

Written By: anna-lynne williams

i forget, tell me again
what do you want
you'll be close, not close enough
not close enough for my kind of heart
you say words you can't take back
used to be love
now it's words hard to look at
hard to look at with the lights on
in your head it must not sound so bad
or why would you say it
when you know i feel it
whistles through my bones
alone in a love
the one that we started
the one that you ended with some words
why'd i start before you said
"i checked it out, it's safe and sound"
like i showed you right away
all the things that eyes can say
where you are it must not look so bad
or why would you do it
when you know i feel it
and my eyes are not afraid
to cry their way through all you say
i know that we started
i think that we ended

i dont mind

Written By: anna-lynne williams

you are like a lover
in that when you look you make lists
i could do with more of that
more of that
less of this
shine your light
i don't mind
shine your light
i don't mind
you know what words of love
get squeezed out
by a hand tightening ‘round your neck
tell me love
tell me it
hold me tight
i don't mind
hold me tight
i don't mind

low point

Written By: anna-lynne williams

i've been scared
not like this
you lose things, i lost it
just please reach from somewhere
my heart is done
it's too scared
i've never wished this before now
if i said i did i take it all back
you have to go all the way
to know where it is
all the way down
you know what you'd stop for
when you're running from your worst fear
that you need it
now i'm fading
this is what i'd like to lay in
i've never wished this before now
now i know all the long steps down
this time my eyes close like this
i know my last thought
i know my last wish
to not be wishing
to not have broke this
to feel what i'm missing
somehow i broke it
i only know breaking
and what i want to lie in


anchor 2001
different stars (sonicwire) 2002
different stars (bella union) UK 2003
vapour trail single (bu uk) 2003
lie in the sound single (bu uk) 2004
different stars ( nettwerk) 2004
having (nettwerk) 2006