The Tressels

The Tressels

 Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

"The best bar band in Delaware County. But also theres depth, sincerity and serious storytelling skill to this group that shouldnt be readily dismissed."
John Vettese WXPN


American Midnight is the new release from Delaware County, Pennsylvania based band The Tressels. American Midnight is the second part of the bands proposed "American Trilogy," which began with last years American Sunset.

American Midnight is produced by Tressel Guitarist Brian Sarkisian, engineered by Dan and Bob McGlinchey at Millstreet Records, and mixed and mastered by Grammy winning sound engineer, Mike Tarsia (David Bowie, The Smithereens).

American Sunset was a creative resurgence for this veteran band and its founders guitarist/songwriter Brian "The Dirtman" Sarkisian, and singer/songwriter Andrew Butch Fullerton. With Percussionist Mickey Reds, Bassist Brendan "Fuzz" Floyd, and Drummer Tom Giachero, the group perfected the sound they had developed over the past seven years, an eclectic blend of Psychedelic rock, Americana, and Power Pop.

"Sunset" was immediately embraced by local press and radio, with the band earning the dubious distinction of best bar band in Delaware County, from WXPNs John Vettese. A title the band agrees is both hard earned and well deserved.

For Butch and Dirtman, American Midnight is a reflection of a life in the trenches of rock & roll. The pair began playing together fifteen years ago, throughout high school, and the majority of their twenties. They were playing smokey clubs and hell-hole dives before they were old enough to drive, and they still take the stage with the same energy and enthusiasm they did when they were teenagers.

But The Tressels are no longer teenagers. They live in different states, hold down full time jobs, raise families, but still slug it out in bars, because as with any calling, there are sacrifices to be made. When The Tressels reached out to their fanbase for help to contribute to a Kickstarter campaign to help finish American Midnight, the outpouring of generosity proved their sacrifices were not in vain, and their goal dollar amount was far exceeded.

American Midnight comes along fifteen years after Butch met Dirtman in the Drexel Hill Middle School jazz band room, seven years after the band vowed to play only one gig and then break up, and less than a year after starting a new chapter with the American Trilogy.

and as the title suggests.......



Motel Bible

Written By: Brian Sarkisian,Andrew Fullerton

I found a prayer
stuffed in a bible
in a motel room
on the side of the highway
when we were young
thought the worst was behind us
the only ones
to turn coal into diamonds

let's go back
to a place where we know we are loved
they can't do what we do and that's why they hate us


American Midnight (2012)

American Sunset (2011)

Bourbon Legend (2009)

No Stops Til' Fishtown (2008)

Prison Wine (2006)

American Midnight is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Nokia OVI, Deezer, eMusic, Wimp, Rdio, 7Digital, 24/7 (9 stores), Rhapsody, Simfy, Vidzone Digital, Beatport, Dancefuel, Juno Download, and Bandcamp.

"My Brother Called" and "Motel Bible" have received FM radio airplay on 93.3 WMMR, 88.5 WXPN, 91.7 WLFR, as well as various podcasts., a philadelphia based podcast has had The Tressels in studio to discuss and feature tracks for both Sunset' and Midnight'. They also debuted "Thoughtless Gift," a free downloadable Christmas song The Tressels recorded during the American Midnight sessions.

"My Brother Called," "Tell Me A Secret," "I'll Be Staying at The Raven," and "Brothel Blues," have been featured on the podcast.

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Set List

The Tressels usual alotted set time is an hour. This set includes ten songs that can be found on the last three Tressel records; AMERICAN MIDNIGHT, AMERICAN SUNSET, and BOURBON LEGEND.

Occasionially a cover song will make the set.

2013 has seen "Young Lust" by Pink Floyd making frequent appearances. We've also covered "Money (that's what I want)," "Twist and shout," and "One Man Show" by Tidewater Grain.

The Tressels can do a 3 hour Springsteen-esque set too. This set goes back a bit further in The Tressels catalogue, and we would throw in a few covers.

Our Current set has been pretty much been this:
Nothin' But Your Love
Cold Blue Eyes
Tell Me A Secret
Motel Bible
My Brother Called
Rock & Roll Dreams Come True
Young Lust by Pink Floyd
Brothel Blues