BandHip HopPop

I am unique. I release my visions of the universe's eyes into my music. I am triggered by little things that most eyes do not see, and little things that nobody's ears here but my own. I envision myself changing the world through my music. How? I am not sure. It is the unsureness that drives me.


The world is my influence. Everything I feel, see, hear, emotions rollercoaster ride that keeps me tip-toeing on the edge of the world. My perfect, yet so not perfect life. Where I've been, what I've been through and what I have yet to feel, yet to take part in. I am different from everybody else in this world because I chase my dreams, rather than just dream about them. I sometimes feel like I am always asleep because in reality, I am dreaming every second of my life. I am me.


Anthem of a King, Wordsmith EP,

Set List

5-6 songs.
Open with energetic and end with reality.