Trev Diesel

Trev Diesel


Singer/Songwriter and band featuring funky, smart, acoustic pop with meaningful lyrics, sing-along melodies and head-bopping grooves in the vein of Jason Mraz, Phish, and OAR.


Singer/songwriter Trev Diesel's music is a diverse blend of styles with one thing in common: catchy, well-written songs that are both lyrically significant and musically interesting. Through sing-along melodies and head-bopping grooves, he presents a unique musical offering that will engage listeners' hearts, minds and souls.

A classically trained student of both guitar and percussion, Trev studied music composition at Ball State University before going on to be a part of such bands as redletterproject and roebuck[bevy]. Now performing as a solo artist, Trev Diesel's live act has begun to win an audience through stellar musicianship and interactive stage shows.

Trev's first major solo recording, The Parachute EP (2006), is a collection of crowd favorites from his outstanding live sets. An eclectic blend of pop, rock, jam, funk, reggae and jazz, the EP showcases his abilities as a skilled lyricist, singer, guitarist, and songwriter. The instantly memorable melodies, intelligent lyrics, and emotional vocal presentation coupled with the vibrant musicianship on behalf of his players and the sleek, warm capture of sound by the production team make these songs a refreshing diversion from the norm.

Simply put, it's music at its best performed by an artist who knows where his bliss resides and isn't afraid to call this mystical place home.

With each well-crafted song, a new layer of Trev's musicianship and spiritual depth is revealed. Those who embark on this lyrical and melodic journey will no doubt become instant fans of the amazing simplicity yet wealth of substance and balance that is Trev Diesel and "The Parachute EP."



Written By: Trev Diesel

reaching for a whim
that pulls a film over my eyes
my hand slides high, right by a new surprise.
and spackled to the seat,
a tasty treat before my eyes
and someone chuckles behind the scenes.

the air is getting thick.
i think i'm sick,
i'm turning tricks, with every clique,
another chick, just call me Rick.
popping bubbles, carnage/rubble,
a war inside my head,
i kinda wish i was dead,
but now i'm done, go back to bed.

parachute, pair of shoes
a little higher, ring around her,
look beneath her.
parachute, pair of shoes
a little higher, ring around her,
look beneath her.
they see who's going lowest,
i'll see if i can go higher...
parachute, pair of shoes
a little higher, ring around her,
look beneath.

looking for a crack,
a loophole to cover my tracks,
but then a thought:
perhaps this ain't worth getting caught.
saturn mutters. trees, they sputter.
and i knew all along:
the parachute falls.

a glowing light upon the wall
to empty out the gates,
taken back by something that she said:
"move forward to a new balloon
that's filling up with air. "
you can see it's in me...

The Air Up There

Written By: Trev Diesel

felt a brush upon my face
and sat up from my slumber-
startled by the purring in my ear.
this calico, that i named MoFo,
stepped upon my chest
and reminded me, so rudely,
that she needed fed.

when i hit the floor,
and opened the door,
little did i know i cracked a dam...

a wave rushed in and pulled me under
and as i struggled through the water,
my first thoughts were, "the toilet's overflowed."
but as i choked and gasped for air,
what i soon discovered was:
it was the life i had created ushering my death.

well, the water down here is frightful-
but the air up there: delightful-
you have to choose if you'll drown or float…
i think i'll build me a boat.

not only i but my family too
are caught up in this torrent.
it seems that my decisions ripple out.
so i'll build an extra room or two
upon my wooden savior…
and we'll leave that rude 'ol cat back at the house.

you can go or you can stay
but as for me there is no way
that i'll take this for one more day

hammers, boards, and nails and wood.
my neighbors think i'm crazy.
but they're all jealous that i found an out.
see i am not the only one
with water in my sandals…
i board just as the liquid fills their mouths.

Our Little Secret

Written By: Trev Diesel

the world needs another cheesy love song
like i need another hole in my head.
so please bear with me if i pass on my chance
to tell that world how i feel.
it's not that they all mean it and i don't;
it's not that i won't say it, 'cause i will.

but you've offered me your all
and i've returned the favor
so let's keep it our little secret.
let the grass grow tall
and build a wall around us
and hide away with our little secret.

a risque hand-written letter sits on
the empty chair in your room
it tells you where to meet me, what to wear,
what to bring, and says what we're gonna do.
well don't blush now, sweetheart- yeah let's go.
are you really ready? and if so...


"The Parachute EP" (2005), six stellar tracks including the break-out songs "The Air Up There" and "Parachute."

Set List


"Our Little Secret"
"The Road"
"Been Thinking About a Solution"
"Born to Be in Love"
"The Cave"
"Beneath His Own Drapery"
"When I Die"
"You Just Are"
"The Air Up There"


"Only the Good Die Young"
"Land of Confusion"
"All This Time"
"Easy (Like Sunday Morning)"
"Every Little Thing She Does is Magic"
"Sir Duke"
"Ain't No Sunshine"