Trever Wyatt Hopper

Trever Wyatt Hopper


Up-beat Americana. Tastes of Ryan Adams, Todd Snider, The Band & The Boss.


Born in the Foothills of Los Angeles, raised in small-town Carson City, NV, TWH has impeccably captured the sounds and styles of both homes.

It's a side of Classic American Rock, a scoop of Alt-Country and a meat pile of good ol' toe-tappin' Americana. Enjoy!



Written By: TWH

Well, I'm a swingin' out in my front yard on the hammock that my cousin bought my cousin in El Salvador
And the air, feels like I'm back in SoCali with the ants crawling all over me
And the I jump up to the sky and I get high 'casue all the bums are walking by and now I sing
I sing that it's good to be home
It's good to be home

At night I see the hills behind my house from the light from the light of the moon
And all the owls are going hoot hoot hoot
And the coyotes scream, scream like they just killed me
All my travels are done for now and it's good to be home
Good to be home

Well, I'm walking about my way and I know I need to move my feet on home
Back on to my home
I've been here, there and everywhere
I don't even know, I don't even care how I get on back
Back on to my home

Well, I'm a drinkin' out on my front porch with the long, red-haired hippie
Who drink a cold can of Coors with me
And now we talk about the way life should be
Out on this porch sesh, no one will ever hear anything that is said to you and I know
I know that I'm home



These Winter Hours - 2010
SWINE - 2005
Broken Wrist - 2002

Set List

95% Original
5% Covers