Trevor Caldwell

Trevor Caldwell


Nostalgic narratives, plaintive vocals, melancholic meanderings on guitar.


Biography is for the dead. I'm still breathing.



Written By: Trevor Caldwell

There's a girl in California, everyday she runs two miles
'Cause she wants to know how far she has to go to get a smile
And she loves it when it's raining, 'cause the world just won't keep still
You can find her with an open book beside the window sill
But she is not in love
We could've been the best of friends
But it's so hard to know
Where friendship ends

Songs are nothing more than shadows, I can't seem to make them stick
I've tried soap on silhouettes but they have vanished just as quick
Still my heart rings out to tell this tale while it's still white as snow
Oh, I warn you it may not end up where I tell it to go

She was born in '84, we met in '99
And ever since I've tried to find a way to make her mine
But she always went for older men with children and a wife
I wrote poems for her but she said that they hurt her like a knife
'Cause we were not in love
We could've been the best of friends
But it's so hard to know
Where friendship ends

She said she needed someone who would keep her head in line
Or she'd drop her precious things on bathroom tiles to keep from crying
I wished that I could help her, or at least could make her laugh
But I know that sensitivity's a sorrow-ridden path
And we were not in love
We could've been the best of friends
But it's so hard to know
Where friendship ends

In the first snowstorm of winter I confessed my soul to her
But tragedy's trajectory was fast approaching earth
With Dylan in the background singing "Sundown, yellow moon..."
She spoke the words I yearned to hear, they could not have come to soon
She said, "I'm in love..."
But when I began to swoon
She frowned and sighed
"But not with you..."

On a Sunday they were married, Monday she said to me,
"Isn't it contrary how the shoreline meets the sea?"
When I asked her what she meant by that she just shrugged and smiled,
"I think I'd best be going, I'll see you after a while."
Oh, she was not in love
I could see it in her eyes
It's the kind of a truth
You can't disguise

I'm gonna move to New York City, try to find myself a band
If only I could sing the way my little sister can
I'm gonna sleep with mirrors in my arms, play the hand that I've been dealt
My love, if you should see her, you can keep her for yourself
'Cause we are not in love
We could've been the best of friends
But it's so hard to know
Where friendship ends

Married to the Sea

Written By: Trevor Caldwell

Why must we speak
So obliquely?
Wasted words just tumble to the floor
To rise no more

This feeling's rare
Wish I was daring
I would cross the river that divides
Your breath from mine

Don't know why it's so hard to ask
Feels like climbing up a mountain pass
Somebody told me you're married to the sea
But do you like me?

Sometimes I smile
When I feel like crying
Sometimes tears are full of happiness
Like if you say yes

Let Us Compare Mythologies

Written By: Trevor Caldwell

I wrote a song
I was too shy to sing it
You came along
And taught me how to live it
If you don't mind
I'd like to get to know you
We've got the time
To turn our lives into the lives we've always wished they would become

And I once knew a girl
Just like a deep-sea diver
In search of pearls
I'd swim along beside her
We called it love
It wasn't even friendship
When things got rough
She dropped my hand before I even had the chance to let hers go

I called up my sister
Told her I missed her singing voice
She just cleared her throat and
Sang me a folk song 'bout the girl whose lover loved another so she killed herself she had no choice

When I left home
I had not had a kiss yet
I'd stayed alone
Just like a monk from Tibet
On mountaintops
Among the snow and leopards
You thinking stops
And for a moment you are free from all your sorrow and despair

And if you want to hide
I've heard about a place where
We can abide
They say you don't grow old there
We'll spend our days
At picnics by the lakeside
In nighttime's haze
We'll sit beside sweet Hestia's fire and compare mythologies

I wrote you a letter
But it was no better than the last
So I burned all the pages
'Cause when fire rages you can't know what might emerge could be a phoenix or a song among the ash

I've got a friend
He's in a hospital bed
His wounds will mend
The damage is in his head
It makes me sad
He'll never be the same now
I wish I had
A way to tell him life is paradise despite the way it seems

And I might lose the key
But I will keep on singing
Till one, two, three
I hear the church bells ringing
Then I will smile
I'll turn around and walk home
It's been awhile
Since I have seen you, would you like to come and keep me company?


Nothing yet.

Set List

10-12 songs, all originals, between two and six minutes in length, and varying from slow fingerstyle pieces to uptempo strum-alongs.