Trevor Gordon Hall

Trevor Gordon Hall

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The World's Premier Kalimbatarist! Trevor's unique instrument and compositions range from hard edgy-driving rhythms to sweet melodic phrases, incorporating various styles that make the guitar sing. This is music to be felt and experienced.



"Trevor is very skilled...his compositions are beautiful, atmospheric, open and heartfelt...I admire him very much...I know he will have so many audiences falling over themselves to see him again and again and I wish him lots of joy in his musical journeys..." Tommy Emmanuel - Award Winning Guitar Virtuoso

"...Creative imagination resides, as well as flourishes within certain artists, and it certainly does so in Trevor Gordon Hall. Ingenuity is something that always causes surprise, and this gentlemans abilities are totally exceptional..." Pat Martino - Legendary Jazz Guitarist

"...In the genre of intriguing guitar players Trevor really stands out. His music is both soothing and challenging..." Graham Nash - Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, well known member of the group Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

"...Trevor has something very unique, and very special..." Billy Cobham - Legendary Jazz Drummer (Miles Davis, John Mclaughlin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc)

"...Trevor Gordon Hall is clearly talented and his music is engaging. He has an innovative approach and I enjoyed listening..."
Steve Hackett, well known guitarist from Genesis

From the outskirts of Philadelphia PA, Trevor is an acoustic instrumentalist whose compositions range in style from driving rhythms to soft melodic phrases. Trevor caught the eye of 9 time Grammy winning producer Joe Nicolo (James Taylor, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, etc.), who produced two of Trevors releases entitled Finding My Way and Let Your Heart Be Light. These releases garnered high reviews and gave Trevor such opportunities as recording with bass virtuoso Michael Manring as well as continuing to share the stage with artists such as Pat Martino, Phil Keaggy, Don Ross, Andy Mckee, Alex Skolnick, The California Guitar Trio, Billy Cobham etc. Trevor has collaborated with various builders to redesign an instrument called the kalimba, which mounts to the surface of the guitar. Compositions inspired by the pairing of the two instruments can be heard in Trevors Candyrat Records debut Entelechy. Upon its release, this album climbed the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts, as well as YouTube Top Commented/Top Favorited/Most Discussed categories with the release of videos. His music has been featured on various national radio stations including NPR and television networks including NBC. Trevor has toured throughout the USA, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, England, Wales, Italy and Austria.


1. "Portraits of Imagination" - 2005, Independent Release, Available at all online stores.

2. "Finding My Way" - 2009, Revel Music Release, produced by 9 time Grammy winning and over 100 million record selling producer Joe Nicolo (James Taylor, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, etc.) Available at all online retailers.

3. "Let Your Heart Be Light" - 2009, Revel Music Release, Featuring Michael Manring on Fretless Bass, produced by 9 time Grammy winning and over 100 million record selling producer Joe Nicolo (James Taylor, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, etc.) Available at all online retailers.

4. "Entelechy" - 2011, Candyrat Records Release, the world's Top Instrumental Acoustic Music Label. Much of this album has been featured on the National Radio Show "Echoes."

Set List

A typical set list can range from between 30 to 90+ minutes. Trevor plays various original selections from his releases as well as various cover songs.