trevor green

trevor green

 Huntington Beach, California, USA

Some say Pink Floyd and Paul Simon have been fused into one man. This modern day multi-instrumentalist takes you on a journey through landscapes that the mind has sometimes only dreamed of. From singable melodies, to space-like soundscapes, to tribal heart pounding rhythms, Trevor captures it all.


Born in 1978 in Huntington Beach, Ca. Trevor Green grew up on the beaches of Southern California where he spent as much time riding waves as he did strumming his guitar. In Trevor Green's second album release "Reflections", he explains that much of the music on the album was written and inspired by his wife Jamie Green and birth of his first child Ryder Lee. There seems to be a theme throughout the album of looking inward and reflecting on the journeys of life. "In the past couple of years I have had some amazing changes in my life, and it's caused me to look more inside myself than ever before. I feel like 'Reflections' captured a lot of the feelings that I was experiencing during that time."

At a young age Green began his musical journey listening to his father spin records by the likes of Pink Floyd, Niel Young, and Tom Petty. Not long after, Green received his first acoustic guitar, from his mother, an Alvarez 12 string. As he began to write his own musical journey, Green found himself being influenced by such artists as, Jimi Hendrix, The String Cheese Incident, and Paul Simon to name a few. " Going to shows has always been a huge part of my life. I've been moved by so many amazing artists."

Thriving on the live performance, Green is constantly evolving as an artist. His stage setup resembles a musical playground, where he finds himself surrounded by that same 12 string guitar, a 6 string guitar, a lap slide, a mandolin, a banjo, 2 yidaki (didgeridoos), a stomp box, and various percussion instruments, Green creates a sound that encompasses the genres of world, funk, folk, and jam rock. "I've always been attracted to instruments of all kinds. As time goes on I continue to collect different instruments and I try to find ways of incorporating them into my setup." Watching Trevor Green live is a musical breath of fresh air. "Feeling the music throughout my entire body by playing multiple instruments simultaneously has become very meditative for me." As Green's stage setup evolves so does his song writing, leaving fans with a curiosity of what sounds lie on the horizon.

In 2006, Green released his debut album 'Wake'. Touring throughout the Northwest and performing at popular festivals such as the New Orleans Voodoo Festival, Green is culminating a grass-roots fan base, as he continues to deliver high energy performances, leaving his listeners craving more.


Wake- Independent Release 2007
radio airplay- WIDR 89.1 FM
- Wake
- Stampede
- Teton Skies
- Time Apart
Reflections- 2008
- Valley of the White Horse
- Reflections
- Better Days
- Story Keeper
- Naive Melody*

Set List

Setlist varies every show. Plays 2 Sets, typically run 1hr 30min each.