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Chatham transplant Trevor Howard went to college in Edmonton, but since has lived in Alliston, London, Toronto, Mississauga and finally Oakville. Twelve years working full time as a church musician allowed him to travel extensively through Canada, the U.S. and some parts of the U.K., but with his new CD, The Healing Sessions, the singer/songwriter admits that regardless of his many homes in the past, his musical home will always be Hamilton.

“I somehow just felt drawn to the Hamilton music scene, but for me geography and employment stood in the way of getting any deeper involved than jam nights and random visits,” recalls Howard. “I always knew that somehow and somewhere down the road I would be here — that I would call Hamilton home, especially in the musical sense.”

It was when he was 17 in the mid-’90s that he met Jacob Moon and a lifelong friendship developed that introduced Howard to Hamilton area music. Moon would help him meet Rob Lamothe, Kristin Nicholls, Carl Jennings and Bill Dillon who would start out as perhaps awe inspiring and eventually became musical friends for Howard.

“There is such a rawness, nitty–gritty, down–to–earth, rootsy
and indie feel to the Hamilton music community,” says Howard. “There is a real sense of brotherhood and mutual respect which has seemed to have been missing in other musical communities I have been involved with.”

Growing up in a church-going family, Howard spent his
formative years heavily entrenched in the music related to that life, but always seemed to want more for his original songs. After a divorce, Howard had an epiphany of sorts. “I wouldn’t trade those years for anything — they were amazing training ground
and actually good for developing discipline and for honing the
craft of songwriting,” muses Howard on his early years. “But my
divorce in some ways forced me to reassess and reprioritize my
entire life. From things as massive and all encompassing as children and career to where I would live and who would get the dog. During that process I realized that I just wanted to write songs that were an expression of who I was and what I felt and perform them without shame. I finally knew that this was what I was born to do.”

The end result, The Healing Sessions, is a collection of songs
that offer plaintive and powerful pop with an edge. Produced at
Carl Jennings’ Westmoreland Studio, Howard offers soulful,
meticulously crafted songs played with some of the area’s finest -
Bill Dillon, Carl and Tim Jennings, Ed Mitchell, Craig Lapsley, Danny Lockwood and Bob Lucier. With his mini–masterpiece in hand, the next step is taking his music to the masses.

“Every single player on the record is someone whom I respect greatly,” beams Howard. “Some great friends, some casual
acquaintances, and even a stranger or two but man, each of them hit the ball out of the park for us.

“I really just want this album to communicate who Trevor Howard is, at least during this window in time,” adds the singer. “I know I’ll continue to grow and change, at least I hope to, but this has been an extremely significant time in my life. I want to capture it and I want people to share in it. That some will find hope, or happiness, or something positive. I hope it makes people smile. I hope it makes people cry. I hope it makes people talk and I hope it makes people want to buy it. I want to meet people and get my music out there into the hands and ears, and if I’m lucky, the hearts of everyone I can.”

Trevor Howard celebrates the release of his new CD
Wednesday October 31 at Casbah.

Article written by Ric Taylor
Published in View Magazine
October 25-31, 2007 - Ric Taylor


The Water's Edge, 1996
Trevor Howard EP, 2004
The Healing Sessions EP, 2007
The Healing Sessions, 2007



Trevor Howard writes from his soul. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He sings from a place of transparency, rawness and passion.

“I have learned not to fight the muse. For years I put so much pressure on myself to write certain songs, about certain issues, or for a certain purpose. That can be so draining and counterproductive. And at least for me, really resulted in starchy, emotionless, and flat tunes. I attempt to allow my spirit and my soul do the talking. There's lots a stuff in there that is dying to come out. If I let it all out, some of it's bound to be cathartic, profound and melodic. At the same time, I hope it touches the heart, soul, and spirit of whoever is listening.”

That transparently raw and passionate voice is heard loud and clear on the new release “The Healing Sessions”. This seven song EP is full of raw emotion, anger, happiness, love and hurt and is wrapped in contagious melodies, beautifully penned lyrics, and a pop sensibility that is both surprising and magnificent.

As a young boy growing up in Chatham, Ontario Trevor was exposed to a wide range of music very early. With an older brother into classic rock and a sister tuned into top 40, Howard spent hours in front of his family’s 8-trak player singing along with everything from Zappa and Zeppelin to Donny Osmond and the Grease soundtrack! He was often the entertainment at his sister’s pool parties armed with nothing more than an upside down sledge hammer as a microphone stand (yes, he was that short) and a passion to sing his heart out. In highschool Trevor fell in love with the music of Brits like Morrisey, the Sex Pistols, Peter Gabriel, Sting and Irish rockers U2. The likes of great singer/songwriters such as Marc Cohn, Bruce Cockburn and Leonard Cohen could also be found in his walkman.

Trevor Howard still sings with that same childlike passion. In his live performances it is undeniable. One listen to THE HEALING SESSIONS and you will know: Heart, soul, and transparent passion. This is Trevor Howard.