Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou

Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou


Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, formerly of acclaimed folk-boom forerunners Indigo Moss, are shining stars of London's evolving Modern folk scene. Their debut duet album was recorded with Romeo Stodart of The Magic Numbers and Danny Wilson of Grand Drive and Danny & The Champions of the World.


Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou are rare musicians. This formidable young husband and wife duo are redefining the modern folk musician. Their resilient and perfectly synchronised union of heart and mind hollers and sings in euphonious harmony, dancing elegantly with words masterfully placed.

What this artful and prolific partnership possesses is the seldom seen commitment to truly well written and performed songs, with equal measure of incisive social observation and timeless grace. TM&HL spare no time for whimsy or self-indulgence. Their music is intelligent, shrewd, yet touching and universal in its sentiment. Few performers harness this rarest ability, this calmest power, and to behold two such artists working as a well-oiled creative machine, conjoined in spirit, is an exceptional and extraordinary occurrence. Live, their mesmerising repertoire chimes with melody and verse, with a delivery both intense and delightful.

In 2008 TM&HL established the thriving hubbub and forum that is ‘London’s finest folk club’, ‘The Lantern Society,’ which in 2009 also became the home of the ‘Lantern Society Radio Hour.’ Hosted by Trevor Moss, this remarkable bimonthly show features the best live performances straight from their much coveted stage, interviews with the performers, and an ‘On This Day in Music’ segment. The noteworthy result is the forging of a unique and definitive document, live from the frontline, of a constantly evolving folk scene, in which TM&HL have become pre-eminent and pivotal figures.

They decided to become a duo after having released the highly acclaimed eponymous album ‘Indigo Moss’ with their band in 2007 on Simon Tong (Verve/Gorillaz/The Good The Bad and The Queen) and uber-producer Youth’s Butterfly Recordings label. Touring nationally and receiving high billing at some of the country’s most prestigious festivals, including Green Man, Secret Garden Party, and , a high profile national support tour with Albarn’s supergroup followed. Argued by many to be the forerunning album to the current mainstream folk and bluegrass revival, three singles were released off the debut record, gaining the song-writing partnership much national radio play. Consecutive singles achieved record of the week status on BBC Radio 2’s Radcliffe and Maconie, and Phil Jupitus shows. A rooftop performance on the , and a show at Le Centre Pénitentiaire pour Femmes de Rennes, France’s largest maximum security women’s prison, were highlights of the short but illustrious career of TM&HL’s ‘Indigo Moss.’

Early 2008 saw the uniting of the pair with Grand Drive’s Danny George Wilson, and his psychedelic country-rock all-star collective, The Champions of the World. Other Champions, among many others, include of the Magic Numbers, and former Goldrush members Robin and Joe Bennett, founders of Truck, Wood and Harvest Festivals. Acclaimed performances at the aforementioned events led to an impromptu session for the young spouses.

Early 2010 will see the much anticipated release of ‘Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou’, their self-titled debut duet album on the independent Loose Music label. Co-produced by themselves with Danny George Wilson and Romeo Stodart, at the Magic Numbers Studio in , it is already being tipped by some to be the defining moment of the modern folk resurgence.


'Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou' Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou LP
'Allotment Song' Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou single
‘Start Over Again’
Indigo Moss single
‘Dang Nabitt’
Indigo Moss single
‘Indigo Moss’
Indigo Moss LP
‘Nature of this Town’
Indigo Moss single

Set List

Sets usually last 20 to 40 minutes, depending on slot. Typical Set:
1. Allotment Song
2. One Wednesday In June
3. England
4. Sally Took The Ivory
5. Concorde
6. Heaven Knows
7. These Are Your Days
8. Ruth Drink My Whisky
9. Standing Down
10. Half Way Home
11. The Lion & The Unicorn
12. Some Dreaming to Do