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"Heavenly Peace"

Grand, majestic and serene are probably the best ways to describe this CD of familiar Christmas music by Trevor Stewart. The twelve selections are all familiar sacred pieces like "O Come, Emmanuel" and "O, Holy Night." The natural sound of Trevor's solo Stick varies subtly, reminding the listener sometimes of a classical guitar, a harpsichord and cathedral organ, all bathed in a deep, spacious reverb that's perfect for the contemplative nature of his interpretations, but without overwhelming the playing.

Stewart, who performs regularly around his home of Wichita, Kansas, has a great reserve of technique that he draws on for delicate ornamentation and flourishes that keep things moving along, even though the pace is relaxed.

It's a perfectly titled disc, and a great addition to the growing library of holiday Stick music. -


* ‘Transcendence - Passionate, rhythmic and uplifting, Trevor’s latest cd features 9 original compositions, Amazing Grace, Bolero and more. Chapman Stick performances with viola, violin and percussion.

* 'Heavenly Peace'- A solo Stick recording with arrangements and improvisations on traditional Christmas carols. Track list is Joy to the World, The First Noel, Greensleeves (What Child is This), Ave Maria, O Come Emmanuel, Away in a Manger, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, O Come All Ye Faithful/ Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, We Three Kings, O Holy Night, Carol of the Bells, Silent Night. See for samples.

* 'Love/Fire/Serenity'- a studio recording of original music featuring the Stick. Also includes some viola playing and duets with steel drummer Terry Corbett.



I have been playing the Chapman Stick since October of 1998. Previous study on the guitar, piano and viola led to a quick adaptation on the Stick. I studied music composition and performance at Wichita State University. Frequently performing in Wichita I am one of the very few "Stickist's" residing in Kansas. Primarily performing solo, I have also contributed to various groups and projects- such as the Native-American music group Passing Through which was nominated for an Native American Music Award in 2006 and an Indian Summer Music award in 2005. Trevor’s music served a large part in the soundtrack of the 2007 regional public television documentary ‘Flint Hills: Meditations from a Kansas Prairie’.

The instrument I perform on is called the Chapman Stick ( I play instrumental solo and sometimes with a MIDI background. My compositions and style have peaceful qualities yet have dynamics and passionate feel that may pull them out of the traditional "New Age" market (depending on what "New Age" means). At gigs I'll also perform classical, jazz, standards, pop, world style funk depending on each situation.

The music generally has a loose structure and relies heavily on improvisation. Improvisation is one of the most important aspects of the music, because there is a sense that I can 'feel' the audience and create music specifically for them and hopefully reach them on an inner-level. More then just improvisation is the act of looking within to find something pure. Even when recording the same effect can apply to the listener.

The Process- I feel cannot take credit for this music because when I can release the ego and let go of all of the petty thoughts I feel my fingers are being controlled by something beyond me. It's my responsibility to get out of the way and let it happen- an expression of love to God and a prayer that the listener could feel this too. No matter what the song is it is played in a manner of devotion. The ultimate goal is communion with the Divine.

About the instrumentation- The Chapman Stick (R) is a unique musical instrument invented by Emmett Chapman in 1969. It consists of a long fretboard with twelve strings spanning a bass and guitar range. Sound is produced when the strings are "tapped" against the frets by the fingers. An electronic pickup is used to amplify the sounds. This new technique allows the musician to use both hands in order to play multiple parts like a piano while having the direct fingers-to-strings control and feel similar to a guitar. The model of Stick that I use utilizes a MIDI pickup on the upper strings which can trigger a synthesizer while simultaneously playing the natural sound of the Stick. Mr. Chapman continues to manufacture the Stick at his home in Woodland Hills, CA. See for more information about the Stick.

Response- has been tremendous. I have complete strangers come up to me in tears telling me it was the most beautiful thing they have ever heard- the music has touched their lives and that I had blessed them. I have had ecstatic responses from people of all ages, races, nationalities. Tiny babies will crawl over to me in the middle of a song and stare and soak it in and people over 90 years old tell me it was gorgeous. There was a local hip-hop producer that wanted me to work with him as well as diverse religious organizations. Maybe I'm stating this because I don't feel that the recordings provide the immediate feel of the music. I honestly do not get this response when I play for my ego- trying to impress with ability or to play for money. Only when I forget my lower-self and open my heart to God can I approach the real Music. See for more information. For a live performance video see

Regular Performances in Wichita, KS

*Bella Luna Cafe North- 2441 N. Maize Rd, Suite 2511 every Saturday 6pm.

*Bella Luna Cafe East- 2132 N. Rock Rd. Suite 107 (In Bradley Fair) every Monday 6:30pm.

*Uptown Bistro (close to Old Town Warren Theater)- 301 N. Mead every Wednesday 6:30pm.

*Adrian's- 2121 N. Rock Rd Ste. 300 (next to Best Buy) every Thursday 6:30pm.