Trevor Tanner

Trevor Tanner


Dark humor? Irreverant? Sure, but Trevor Tanner blends the sensitive singer-songwriter with a trippy tech-goth sensitivity that creates an intense and hook-infested show.


Trevor Tanner led the 80's pop-goth band The Bolshoi. Building on his influnces that include Neil Diamond and David Bowie, Trevor and The Bolshoi's influence has been heard through the years in bands such as Killing Joke, Jesus Jones, Nine Inch Nails, and Robbie Williams. By not allying himslef with "what's hot," Trevor continues to craft music that allows him to stand out as a unique voice in the world of pop music.


The Bolshoi released three studio albums, Giants, AWay, and Lindy's Party. These albums spawned half a dozen hits, including the #1 song "AWay" and the cult favorite "Sunday Morning." Trevor spent a number of years writing for and recording indie projects and producing other acts. In 1998, Beggars Banquet - largely based on fan demand - released a "Best of." This compilation contained two of Trevor's new songs "Mary" and "Master of the World" that were pulled from a huge catalog that Trevor has amassed over the past few years. Samples can be heard at and online retailers such as Bolshoi classics can often be heard on retro radio shows and in dance clubs.

Set List

Trevor performs as a solo acoustic act, a duo, and with his full band. When he's filling a full night playing solo, Trevor will pull out material from the Beatles and Bowie to Oasis, Pete Yorn, and an occasional show tune. However, it's with the full sonic measure of the band that Trevor's material and personality come to life. Shows with the band feature all new material including "Who," "Show Me the Dream," "Empire State, "Black Maria," and "Keep it in My Head." The later tune has been selected for a feature film soundtrack.