Music that leaves a lasting impression. My music has all been influenced by periods in my life. "Theta" is about finding happiness. Figuring out that how you live your life has a huge impact on your outlook. It shouldn't be determined by what has happened to you.


Grew up in Boston, MA where I began playing guitar religiously at age 10. I started with blues and rock. I then moved to Northern Virginia, outside DC, and played with various metal, hard rock bands. My family was forced to move to Rochester, NY. I took about a year of jazz lessons then moved back down to Virginia, in Richmond, where I am currently trying to make my break. My influences are from all over. I love old folk/jazz (bert jansch, davy graham, django reinhardt) classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix) blues (stevie ray vaughan, BB King) and I every once in a while I love metal (at the gates, children of bodom, in flames). This vast spectrum of influences is what sets me apart from other bands.



Written By: Trevor Wanberg

Riding upon the ridges of my hand. See it for yourself the way we came. Rise above the footsteps in the sand, they are no longer who I am. And I'm waiting for you to tell me its all a lie. I can feel it in my fingers, see it in your eyes. Loving in the shadows, roaming through the night. Come on with me.