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Trey Ali

Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Band Hip Hop Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"GlamourVixen Present:TreyDaGreat “Flight 2D” Offical Video"

GlamourVixen present to you TreydaGreat. I happen to come across Trey on twitter and went to listen to his music and watch his video. TreyDaGreat is a Washington DC native that is a Rap/R&B artist which showcase that he has many talents. I give Trey a A+ for his music and a A++ for his video. Also check out his mixtape Lamborghini Dreams which I give a A+. I normally do music reviews for certain artists but decided to check out some local artist in the DMV area to help give them exposure. So make sure you check out TreyDaGreat video and let me know what you think. I hope to see this young artist more in the future. - Glamour Vixen

"Next To Bang: Interview With TreyDaGreat"

For our first in a series of interview’s with up-and-coming artists, we’ve interviewed TreyDaGreat. Featured on DMVJams, and a host of others, Trey embodies the grind of generation Y, with a solid presence developing across a variety of social networks; twitter (with over 30,000 followers), youtube, facebook, soundcloud and bandcamp. Young and articulate, Trey reflects the new generation of hip-hop artists, lead by acts like Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar; introspective, vulnerable and honest. We believe this shift is in a positive direction for the genre and are looking forward to seeing more young artists like Trey come up.

So for those who don’t already know you, let them know; state your
name, age and where you’re from.

I’m TreyDaGreat, 16 year old hip-hop artist from Alexandria, Virginia.

When did you start making music?

Well I’ve been writing actual songs and poetry for the past 6 years, but I didn’t start recording and releasing music until two years ago.

Your Mixtapes encorporates a mixture of radio friendly singles, a bit
old school flavor and some freestyles, as far as artists, who has had
a significant impact on your music?

Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Joe Budden are four artists who have made a very significant impact on my music. Lupe was the one that inspired me to actually start recording, when I was growing up I listened to a lot of 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Pharrell, and at the time all I saw in Hip-Hop was “pimps, hoes, money, drugs, and gangsters.” And when I heard Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick, Push” on MTV that changed my whole insight of the music as a whole. Here he was talking about skateboarding over an incredibly dope beat when at a time most artists were talking about killing people or having sex. And since “pimps, hoes, drugs, and gangsters” was not something I will ever get involved with, that song just inspired me to become a full on artist. Drake and Joe Budden have made and impact because they are incredibly REAL. They speak the truth and put raw emotions into their music making it easier to relate to. And Kendrick Lamar is a new recent inspiration, Section.80 has been on repeat for sometime now, just his whole take on life and this world has inspired me to dig deeper into everything in a sense.

You’ve already dropped the Lamborghini Dreams Mixtape and the Bed &
Breakfast Ep which fans can buy at your page here. With the Cloud 11
mixtape dropping on 11.11.11 how do you see yourself having progressed
as an artist?

I’ve progressed on every level; lyrically, thought wise, beat picking, flow, etc. I felt that after Lamborghini Dreams and the Bed & Breakfast EP that I had to come even harder; better beats, better lyrics, better flow, so that every other project I do surpasses both of them.

You have a line on the track Thank Me Later on the Lamborghini Dreams
mixtape; “Wiz Khalifa made it cool to smoke weed, Drake made it cool
to sing/ I’m just tryin to make it cool to be me.” With hip-hop
critics throwing labels like Gangsta, stoner, socially conscious or
hipster, where do you see yourself fitting in?

Neither, I like and listen to a lot of different styles of music, so I do every type of song and attempt to do every type of genre. Now I do refrain from the gangster and stoner lyrics because that’s just not me, do I reference it occasionally yes, but will I ever make a “gangster” or “stoner” song no. Now am I a hipster or socially conscious, from time to time. I really just do me, I don’t fit into any label.

Your lyrics are very introspective and you’re honest about your flaws.
How do you feel that helps or hinders you as far as making it in the
mainstream hip hop game is concerned?

I think it helps me regardless of if I’m “mainstream” or “indie.” In this day and age I’ve found out through my own personal experiences that fans like honesty and emotion because that sparks honesty and emotion with in them. I talk about m - Bangers & Mash

"Music Monday With: BlackMarilynn & TreyDaGreat"

TreyDaGreat has his Mixtape out and it's called "LAMBORGHINI DREAMS"

This is DMV Hip-Hop Music!!

Trey isn't s stranger to my blog as well. What I like about this dude is that he doesn't give up. I know he's had some bumps in the road and may have felt that no one is listening, but WE ARE. Don't ever give up on your dreams. And this Mixtape shows that you're in it to WIN. So keep going! Stay true to yourself and your fans. As an individual pursuing my dreams, I'm learning that not everyone will support your work or what you choose to do, but it's best to have those that are true to you and what you do VS. people that aren't about anything.

My Favs are:

Salvation Army (Interlude)
Sweet Dreams
Ballroom Reject

Loving the artwork as well!

"Lamborghini Dreams is TreyDaGreat's first major mixtape. I can tell Trey has worked really hard to put this Mixtape together. I am an individual that feels the need to su - Glam No Labelz


The Grim Reaper Mixtape (2008)
[released under the name TreyDaGreat]

D.O.P.E. (Dumb Overly Played Emcees) (2009)
[released under the name TreyDaGreat]

Lamborghini Dreams (Mixtape) (2010)
[released under the name TreyDaGreat]


Cloud Eleven (TBA)
Bleu Dreams (TBA)



Trey Ali was born on September 14, 1994 in Washington D.C. He discovered his passion for Hip-Hop music after listening to variety of rappers including artists like: 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and The Notorious B.I.G. when he was only 10 years old. Infatuated with the wordplay and beats of the Hip-Hop art form, this motivated him to pick up a pen and start writing. He began to write poetry as an 11 year old in the 6th grade, but had never written or recorded his own song. It wasn’t until he heard Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick, Push” on MTV in 2006 that he decided to pursue music. He started out recording videos of himself in 2008 freestyling over different beats and posting them on Myspace and at the time growing social media network Facebook. The videos earned him feed back from his friends, which allowed him to grow as an artist.

In 2009 with the help of some Pete Rock instrumentals and a “closet” studio in his own home office Trey Ali recorded his first ever mixtape entitled the Grim Reaper Mixtape. After the release of this tape and his second tape D.O.P.E. (Dumb Overly Played Emcees), Trey went back to the drawing board after meeting close friend and business partner DJ Rok of Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and Warrior DJ’s. It was this very relationship that caused Trey Ali and DJ Rok to set up music blog site NewEraMusik and Creative Visionary Music Group. Both are independent companies geared towards the promotion and production of independent music acts. But this relationship also sparked the creation of Trey Ali’s third mixtape entitled Lamborghini Dreams. The tape was released on his 16th birthday in 2010 under the name stage name TreyDaGreat and has opened up many doors for Trey as an artist and as a label and blog CEO, along with separating himself from the rest of the DMV music scene.

Embodying; “the grind of generation Y, with a solid presence developing across a variety of social networks; twitter (with over 30,000 followers), youtube, facebook, soundcloud and bandcamp. Young and articulate, Trey reflects the new generation of hip-hop artists, lead by acts like Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar; introspective, vulnerable and honest.” (Bangers & Mash “Next to Bang: Interview with TreyDaGreat”). Now currently living in Alexandria, Virginia Trey Ali is currently working on a three album trilogy with SMKA and Super Miles, which set to drop in the coming 2013 year. With a goal of changing the music industry as well as music itself, Trey Ali brings a new young outlook on life and the world through his music. Speaking his heart, mind and soul through the tracks that he makes…