Trey le Park

Trey le Park

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Best described as "feel good" rap, creative lyrics and catchy hooks, beats and songs stick in your mind.


Billy Autrey, a.k.a.TREY LE PARK (Treyla), was born in Richmond, CA, and raised the San Francisco bay area, always infatuated with music. While a fan of many genres, artists, and styles, Treyla's been influenced the most by Ice Cube, Eazy E, Dr. Dre, E-40, Too Short, and Eminem.
A style all his own, his music is best described as "feel good" rap. Writing, recording, and mixing is done by himself.


Remember My Name, unreleased, recorded 5/05 - 7/05
The Doublewida, unreleased, recorded 9/05 - 2/06
TREY 3, unreleased, recorded 2/06 - 6/06
Out in California 12-06 - 2-07

Set List

20 minutes and 45 minutes