Trey Mills

Trey Mills


Award-winning Canadian-born Producer embarks on his first solo release. Following in the great Canadian singer-songwriter tradition, singer/piano player Trey Mills' heartfelt songs, voice and performance have drawn comparisons to Damien Rice, Snow Patrol and a 1971 Elton John.


The man behind ubiquitous chart-toppers, Juno and Grammy recognized work, and an impressively diverse range of Canadian talent is emerging from the wings. The mark of his influence is everywhere, and yet he’s somehow been invisible to the public eye.

Embarking on his first solo release has meant no small journey for Trey Mills. Drawing on the inspiration of fellow Canadians Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, Trey has followed in the footsteps of the great Canadian singer-songwriter tradition with the “Saving Me” single and the Athabasca album (OP3/Universal, Sept 18). Having quietly risen to the industry’s top ranks with writing/co-writing, production, and mixing credits on ten Top 30 or better BDS hits, with mastering credits with Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men and Pat Metheney, as well as nominations and awards in categories ranging from R&B/Soul to Classical, it would be an understatement to say that Trey had little time for his personal musical endeavors.

Where his busy schedule allowed, the singer/piano player’s improvisations at his studio yielded introspective songs and heartfelt vocals which have drawn comparisons to Damien Rice, The Fray, Snow Patrol, and a 1971 Elton john, and attracted a loyal following. Athabasca, rich with allusions to Canadian geography and tradition, is further textured with musical contributions from members of The Philosopher Kings and the Canadian Brass, award-winning film composer Christopher Dedrick, and multi-platinum mix engineer Ken Lewis (John Legend, Fall Out Boy, Kanye West). Watch and listen as Trey takes center stage.

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Saving Me EP Digital Only (June 5, 2007: Opening Day/iTunes)
ATHABASCA (Sept 18, 2007: Opening Day/Universal Canada)
Every Day Is Christmas - Single (Nov 13, 2007): Opening Day/iTunes

Set List

1 hr+ set (customized to suit the show's nature)

Live Footage:

Best Week
Holding On
Preacher's Boy
You Called Out
All Winter Long
Saving Me
Big Crow Rising
No Sun All Rain