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The best kept secret in music


There’s a running joke between fans and band members of the indie rock quartet, treysuno, that they were racing against disbanded 1980s rock icons Guns ‘n’ Roses to release a new full-length album.
After all, treysuno has been together for over seven years with little more than a 7-inch record and a few cuts sprinkled amongst some compilation albums under their recording belt.
So, the news of their debut CD release party at Howard’s Club H this Friday continues to shock the doubters that were convinced that after many near misses this seminal “part-time” indie band would only be enjoyed live.
“We have been living in separate cities since 2003,” singer and guitarist Justin Hemminger said in a recent telephone interview. “We have been working on this record since before we all started living in different cities, so it is even more of an accomplishment to get it done considering our situation.”
The album, titled “Narwhal” (like the whale) contains studio tracks written over treysuno’s first five years, giving listeners a panoramic view of the band’s stylistic growth over half a decade.
Recorded in eight sessions over the past year, treysuno members came together from their respected professional lives in Toledo, Columbus, Canton and Lansing, Mich. to put together the 12-track album.
“All of the songs are kind of connected by a theme of making mistakes, which considering that it took us four years to make this record, we know a thing or two about making mistakes,” Hemminger said. “I hesitate to call it a theme record but it does kind of loosely connect.”
This weekend also marks what could be called a mini treysuno-Fest at Howard’s, including the release show on Friday and their fourth annual April Fool’s Day Extravaganza on Saturday.
For a band that generally only gets together to play lives shows, a two-night stand at their “home-away-from-home” couldn’t be any better.
Saturday’s show will feature five area bands attempting to “pull one over” on the audience as they play, act and possibly even dress the part of well-known national groups, playing 30-40 minute sets comprised entirely of cover songs.
Host band treysuno will be masquerading as the legendary Elvis Costello and The Attractions (guitarist Scott Wagner had to learn how to play the organ from scratch for this one), focusing on material from his first three albums.
Joining them will be The Press Gang performing as The Beach Boys, Blood Dumpster playing as Tom Petty, Straight to the Withdrawal as Green Day and Picciuto covering the material of seven Toledo and Bowling Green bands, including treysuno.
The concert, which has proven to be a fan favorite over the past three years, is intended to allow each artist the opportunity to stretch out their abilities and concentrate on performing material in a style that is generally removed from their regular routines.
Hemminger said that this is the first year that a band has decided to devote their set to local artists, something he believes helps emphasis the depth of talent in Northwest Ohio.
“We have been picking all of these national bands to cover for the last four years and finally somebody put the local bands up there in that same pantheon,” he said. “I really like the fact that a couple of bands, actually three of them, on the bill this year are really making pretty big stylistic stretches from what they do.” - Cole Christiansen - Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune


Narwhal CD/LP - 2007
The Sexual Deviance Record 7" - 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


The most important thing to know about treysuno is that, if not for two well-placed loaves of pumpernickel bread, we would not be a band today.

Back in the doe-eyed days of 1999, Justin and E started a band at our friend Jesse's new year's eve party. Prescott nailed his audition in 2000 by climbing on top of a table. J.D. joined up after a blind date in late 2001.

In the past, we have used inaccurate superlatives to describe treysuno's amalgamated sound and live show. After 7 years of being a band, we still have no real idea how to relate what it is we do. All we know is we've had the opportunity to play a lot of shows with bands we really like, such as Clem Snide, The Detachment Kit, Engine Down, Joan of Arc, The Lawrence Arms, Miranda Sound, Pinebender, The Red & the Black, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Shiner, Silkworm, Sweep the Leg Johnny, and Thunderbirds Are Now. Coheed & Cambria even opened for us once. Hot damn...

The era of treysuno trying to "make it" as a rock band has long since passed. E and J.D. are currently in law school (in Toledo, Ohio and Lansing, Michigan, respectively). Justin works as a marketing consultant for Democratic campaigns. Prescott is teaching music and social studies to junior high students (the only honorable job among the four of us). But we still play shows, we still practice right before we play, we still try our best anyway, and we still make music the way we want to.

Our debut album (which after 7 years sounds silly, we know) is called Narwhal and was released locally in April 2007 with a wide release scheduled for September 2007. Because of our diasporic nature, we probably won't tour traditionally in support of it. We will find strange ways to promote it, because, well, we're a very strange band...