trey tosh

trey tosh


the trey tosh bands music combines the old blues rock music with band s like cream, hendrix, ten years after,the beatles,rory gallagher, roy buchanan, with some of the more recent favorites to develope their own unique sound


the trey tosh band started on new years day of '04
trey's father had taken him to go see ron thompson after trey had just started listening to and playing blues music. ron was kind enough to let trey get on stage and jam with him. ron was kind enough to let trey finish the night off with them. after the show the bar manager walked up to trey and asked him if he had a band, turned to his dad that was a bass player and his friend that was a drummer and said "yes we do" 20 days after that night they started playing every tuesday night.

after a year of hard playing in bars and out door events the trey tosh band started expanding so his dad stepped aside to book shows and some top notch musicians stepped in to play.

since then the trey tosh band has played festivals big name events such as the sturgis motorcycle rally and was invited to play at the stevie ray vaughan ride and concert(where trey played with chis duarte) trey also got the opputunity to play with the trans-siberian orchestra at the savemart center in fresno california.
the trey tosh band has just completed their demo cd and is now working on putting out their first full length wich will be done by the end of febuary.

Set List

we cover hendrix,cream,the allman brothers,rory gallagher ,the doors, and have many original tunes.

98% of the music is all upbeat dance music. the trey tosh band like to have fun with their music and tries to get the audience as involved as possible. the set lengths very from night to night. but the band can do anymore from 5 minutes to 5 hours.