The Real Great Scott

The Real Great Scott


The Real Great Scott can knock you off your feet with a musical kick the head and catch you in a demented waltz before turning things upside down in-an off-time, constantly shifting assault of grooves. Demanding to a fault, Catchy, Goofy, Epic. Like sticking a tuning fork in an electrical socket.


The Real Great Scott. 3 men from the maritimes creating constantly shifting whirlwinds of sounds with nothing but their bare hands (holding a guitar, bass, and drumsticks... which hit drums... there's also some amps and cables and stuff... ...). With these guys you never know what's coming. The arrangements are dense but when you're not nodding your head, you'll be waiting in a moment of anticipation and transition for you're brain to catch up to your ears.

What and who we sound like is always a sticking point in The Real Great Scott. There is music we love both individually and collectively, but you would be hard pressed to find much of it in our songs. Something that we have adopted from the artists we've loved is a fierce originality and a high standard of progression and open-mindedness. That being said if anyone has influenced any of this it might have been some of these individuals/collaborations: Mr.Bungle, Harry Nillson, Meshuggah, John Zorn, Les Claypool, Mats Morgan Band, Frank Zappa!, Tool, Ween... that's enough, I could go on.

Adam Landry plays guitar and sings once in a while. This pedal-less minimalist keeps things anything but simple, with riffs that loom menacingly from the center of a sonic tightrope.

Scott Sealy on bass is the sticky glue. The balanced eye of the storm juggling erratic grooves with bat-like precision. Rocking your guts and punching you in the face (metaphorically).

Dave Brideau uses the drums to wrap all of this insanity up with complex off-timings and logic defying polyrhythms. Driving head-first into a brick-wall is his style, smashing through it is his specialty.

The Real Great Scott is a heavy musical cartoon.

That's enough.


2011 Ablum (Coming in the summer!)