Triage combines melodic vocal harmonies with catchy guitar hooks to create a powerful sound. Triage has been described as having the originality of Radiohead, with the vocal harmonies and hooks of CSNY.


The formation of Triage could be a long and convoluted story about mystery, intrigue and assassins. But it’s not. It’s more about friends over the years eventually finding their way back where they belong. Going back as far as 1990/91, Casey, Corey and Spencer were in their first band together. After cycling through a few guitarists, they decided to call it off for a while and went off into other projects. Casey carried on with “Mosquito”, Spencer took part in various jam projects and Corey went off through 2 other projects with Chad, who had been around in bands with mutual friends of everyone.

After some time and many events, it came to pass that Casey and Spencer got back together in a band for casual jams and an excuse to get out during the week and have some fun. At one point, Mike McCloskey (the drummer then and still part-time member) had to go off for work training and left a spot open. The offer went out to Corey and he accepted it looking for some sort of musical outlet. Roughly around this time, Mike Kralt had started to come by and add himself into the mix as a friend of Casey’s. His personality was a welcome addition and his fresh ideas and playing gave a new perspective to the writing process. Eventually, it seemed that the inevitable musical chemistry that Corey and Chad had displayed in past projects would factor in and Chad was invited to come out and jam as well.

The fit was natural. Everyone had comfortably slipped into their spot and Triage, in its current form, was born.


Taste Of Revenge

Written By: C. Witham

Based on events that unfold before us
The eye and the mind are one

Those who surround they choose to ignore us
The anthem of a blind nation

I see the light, I see the light
I can tear this bridge apart
I came to fight, I came to fight
To burn their eyes and leave them dark

I won't forget, no
They'll pay their debt
A pound of flesh
My fire will cleanse

Dancing on the breeze is a blizzard of ashes
And on my tongue I taste revenge


Written By: C. Witham

Carry on
I can't enjoy myself
I've been gone so long that I can't remember the way

Strife is just a metaphor for, life itself
Ever striving to justify oneself

I'm preoccupied, I'm not qualified
I'm not going to stand here and...
I just realized it's happening again

Broken down
Sitting at the side of the road
I've been here so long that I can't remember my way

Memories are your tangibles, until they fade away
Always trying to remember another day

I'm imagining, it's not happening
I'm not going to let them get to far...
I've been practicing how to play the part

Sometimes it is easier to run than it is to fight
Sometimes it is darker in the day then it is in the night
Sometimes the fools will win when they face the wise
Sometimes I'll try to laugh when I want to cry

Sometimes it is easier to run than it is to fight
Sometimes it might seem so wrong but it turns out right
Sometimes it's better to stand in the rain then it is to be dry
Sometimes you should go with your gut and not analyze

Sometimes it is easier to run than it is to fight
Sometimes the dimmest star will shine just as bright
Sometimes it pays to praise those you despise
Sometimes you require the pain to make you feel alive

10 Degrees

Written By: C. Witham

Raise the blinds for more light
We must be finished before night
10 degrees will keep us there
40 ounces, none to spare

She must believe, I can see dreams

Raise my thoughts up to the trees
Release my mind on to the breeze
Everything becomes a blur
See the music, hear the colour


Triage - EP - January 2006

A Taste of Revenge - EP - August 2006