Trial by Jury

Trial by Jury


Trial by Jury is straight Rock'n'Roll. No strings attached. They're influenced by life in general. They're not old school, They're not new school. They're just what rock music should be. Straight Passion and Raw Energy. Rock 'n' Roll.


Trial by Jury's music isn't really hard to describe. In essence, They do what they feel. Someone once explained it as if it were a musical burrito. "You have all the influences and styles in the middle, and were simply the tortilla holding it all in."

One thing that seperates Trial by Jury from the others is that they have a female drummer that is absolutely amazing.

When someone thinks of a jam band, they might think "Oh, just another band that plays every song for a half-hour." But TBJ is certainly not one of those bands.

"I think a major part in the music business and being a performer is having the ability to entertain....In which, if the band isn't having fun, then the audience isn't gonna have fun...That's why, more than anything else, we have fun doing what we do, and try to get the crowd involved as much as we can" as said by TBJ Frontman Ryan Keef.

They bring loads of energy and passion to the stage. For a 4-piece, they bring a presence that simply cannot be matched.


Trial by Jury is constantly writing new original material and thinking of ways to bring an impact to the people through their music.

Thus, after investing money and lots of time. They've recently released their first full studio album. "We did all of the recording, mixing, and producing ourselves in an effort to capture the live presence we bring to every show." - TBJ

It was a lengthy process but after much anticipation and a lot of hard work They finally got it done. The Release date was February 9th, 2007. The name of the album is "Cigarettes & Guitar Strings."

The album includes 9 of their latest songs
including the two singles "More Than You Can Handle" and "On My Side."

The two singles can be heard on:
102.9 "The Buzz" in Nashville, TN

The release: For their Cd Release they put together a great concert in their hometown of Fort Payne, AL. With the Help of some local friends. Spunwagon, Russell Gulley & Friends, Jamie Bell, and grammy-nominated keyboardist Johnny Neel, formerly of the Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule, They had a great night and hosted one of the biggest crowds Fort Payne had seen in a long time.

Next: TBJ recently started writing and recording their next studio effort. The album is expected to be released in Mid-2008.

Set List

There's really not a specific set list that they go by. They try to make every show a little different to keep it from getting old to them and everyone else.

As for their cover repertoire, They play anything from Johnny Cash to Snoop Dogg.

The following songs are mostly their regulars:

On My Side - Original
More than you can handle - Original
Cigarettes & Guitar Strings - Original
Terrapin Hills - Original
Mayer - Original
Butter - Original
The Struggle - Original
YaDiddy - Original
Slap Your Witch - Original
Simple Sex - Original

Hey Joe - Hendrix
Little Wing - Hendrix
Red House - Hendrix
Voodoo Child/Third Stone - Hendrix
Santeria - Sublime
Caress Me Down - Sublime
April 26th 1992 - Sublime
What I Got - Sublime
Hard To Handle - Black Crowes
Miracle to me - Black Crowes - Acoustic
Wiser Time - Black Crowes - Acoustic
She Talks to angels - Black Crowes - Acoustic
Good Friday - Black Crowes - Acoustic
Breathe - Pink Floyd
Comfortable Numb - P