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(four song EP, released in 2005, under the name Dminus)

(five song EP, released in 2006)
Tracks: I, Too Far Gone, Rest In Pieces, Entropy, Go


Feeling a bit camera shy


This is a business bio that is meant for promoters and club owners...the bio for the fans can be found on our website.

First, let me tell you a bit about why we're here and who we are. We're here because we want to reach the largest audience possible, duh right? We are three guys who love music and want to play as much of it as possible. But playing the same clubs over and over doesn't get your music out! We're looking for new venues in new areas all the time! We're good guys, too. As you read on, you will probably discover that we mean business, but we are easier to work with than our bio may lead you to believe. We can accomodate our music to reach all ages (we can censor our lyrics for younger audiences). We work WITH our hosts and our audiences for the best shows we can possibly deliver. Interested? READ ON...

TrialByLife have been playing together for about 3 years in our current lineup. We only just began playing live on a regular basis because we are all family guys with kids, jobs, etc. In addition to this, our songs are quite involved and take a long time to write. Now, we have approximately two hours worth of ORIGINAL material (we play no covers). We understand that clubs constantly get bombarded with so called "original" bands that throw together a bunch of Disturbed songs that they've changed the lyrics to, and then play them like a bunch of kids with their first guitars. Let me assure you...that is not who we are. There are tons of very good original bands out there. We're one of them. If you need proof of this, just listen to the music.

As far as music goes, our influences are very diverse. Our guitar player definately grew up in the 80's! His influences are guys like Randy Rhodes and John Petrucci...very techinical playing style with lots of soloing. L's bass playing is simplistic and yet melodic. With the style of music that we play, many times the drums and guitar are playing in odd-meters. L's bass is the glue keeping it all together. Jason grew up on guys like Danny Carey, Tim Alexander and Mike Portnoy. His playing is progressive and technical at times and at other times very tribal and organic. This odd mixture of influences combined with everyone's differing vocal styles gives us our unpredictable nature. In addition, we all take turnes fronting songs, so each one has a different flavor that is still rooted in the TrialByLife sound. It's hard to explain with words, you just gotta listen!

I wrote the rest of this after reading the Skelletones booking page, it seems that some venues are a little jaded from dealing with crappy bands with equally crappy attitudes. So let me get right down to the nitty gritty here...

A couple of disclaimers:
1. I wrote this using firm language because I want you to understand that we mean what we say, not because I'm trying to be a jackass. We are actually very nice guys.

2. Just because we are married with kids doesn't make us old and unable to travel to your show. So if I emailed this to you and you're out of state, rest assured that we are serious about getting there.

Now please, read on...

FACT: Every time we have played in front of a new audience, we have won them over. Every time we have played in a new venue, we have given them their money's worth.

FACT: In a span of 6 months, we went from being Thursday night nobody's to opening for national acts.

We know we're probably new to your particular scene, and we have no problem opening for more well known bands in your area. Just let us know that's what were doing ahead of time. PLEASE don't tell us were co-headlining at 10:30 and then decide when we show up that you're dropping us to the first slot at 8pm and giving us 10 minutes to play. That's just not cool for us or the people we dragged all the way from Battle Creek with us.

We are professionals, and as such, here is a list of our professional do's and don'ts...
We DO Promote our own shows! We DO show up on time, We DO load in and out quickly and professionally. We DON'T stop to sign autographs and crap while the next band is waiting for us to get our gear off stage. It's not all about us, and we know that. We DO bring our own drumset, with our own mics, and we can set it up or tear it down in 15 minutes or less. (There is no exception to the drumset rule, however Jason IS willing to let other drummers use his kit with their own brass and snare). If there is another band there with their own drumset, we will help them set up or tear down. We DO agree ahead of time with clubs on set times, payment, members of our crew, etc. We DON'T change these arrangements without first notifying the club, and we DON'T expect the club to change them on us when we walk in the door either. In short, if we make an arrangement with your club, you can expect us to live up to it, and we will expect you to live up to your end as well.

We absolutely DON'T tear up your club and we