Triangular Momentum

Triangular Momentum


Inspired by mega-hits and the desire to make parodies of them. Love rock of all types. We are (almost) exclusively a parody band that thrives on the initial genius of others.


3 graduates of Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA. America's breadbasket offered little to the imagination, so we cranked up the tunes.


Livin' La Vida Facebook

Written By: Triangular Momentum

A Parody of "Livin La Vida Loca"
by Sir Ricky Martin

Somewhere it's way past midnight
In a darkened college dorm
It glows with white and blue light
Facebook has taken form

I've got 12 friends in Sweden
Never met a single one
A poke war until you're beaten
Then a wall post - "I have won!"

It makes you lock your doors
And stay in on a Saturday
You're wasted in that photo
But I'll tag it anyway
Then you'll message me and say:

I'm half-naked on Facebook
Got 19 friend requests
To be confirmed on Facebook
In case you're interested
I'll post the courses I took
Status update says:
"Is totally hooked on Facebook"
"Is procrastinating with Facebook"
"Is completely dependent on Facebook"

Can you confirm these details
You both met randomly
Send a gift, only costs a dollar
Toilet paper or a puppy

If this group reaches 10,000
I'll buy you all a keg
I updated my quotes and about me
Just yesterday
Yeah the mini-feed should say:

Profile updated
8 hours ago on Facebook
A link has been posted
By one of your friends on Facebook
Time for a picture change
So your page can have a new look
3 new messages:
"I'm totally hooked on Facebook"
"At the library checking Facebook"
"OMG did you see her Facebook?"

Today we spell distraction
M-A-R-K Zuckerberg
He's 20-something years old
And he's conquering the world
Yeah in case you haven't heard

It's complicated
Or so it says on Facebook
She's married to a chick
Hey, anything goes on Facebook
Check out my summer plans
At a factory making fish hooks
Anything you need
We got it here on Facebook

4 exams today
But instead I'm here on Facebook
Just commenting away
Speaking my mind on Facebook
I tried to walk away
My heart raced and my legs shook
Just hook it to my veins
An I.V. dripping Facebook
Suppository Facebook
I gotta fevah, the cure is Facebook

I Wanted To Write A Good Cover Song, But All I Got Was This Stupid Sinus Infection

Written By: Triangular Momentum

A Parody of "Sugar We're Goin' Down"
by Fall Out Boy

Is this more than a simple head cold
I've got a runny nose and I couldn't sleep
Can hardly breathe
My joints ache and my stomach hurts
Go see the doc, wait on the tissue paper
He's not a licensed practician
But I'm really desperate for help
He comes with a clipboard, tells me that I have to

Take one pill, twice a day
Preferably with food so you don't get indigestion

I'm going downtown, put the Kleenexes down
The pharmacy fills my prescription
I'm taking Tylenol for endurance
A twenty-dollar co-pay, call my insurance

It's been two weeks and now I feel worse
Oh, why didn't I see my regular physician
The one who takes care of my aches and pains
Stuck on the couch now, calling in sick for the last time
Cause if I can't work tomorrow
The boss says he'll give me the boot
Two pills a day now, and side effects may include:

As well as sore throat, diarrhea and premature birth

I'm going downtown, put the Kleenexes down
The pharmacy fills my prescription
I'm taking Tylenol for endurance
A twenty-dollar co-pay, call my insurance

And as the days pass and I sit on my ass
I don't see myself getting better
And all these opinions are outrageous
Even WebMD tells me that I'm contagious

These pills are the cure
Twice a day he said
Should I take some more

The Nintendo Medley

Written By: Triangular Momentum

I. The Beginning (1978)
(A parody of "Oh What A Night"
by Frankie Vali & The 4 Seasons)

Video games
Vintage stuff back in the 70’s
Playing ping pong on your Ataris
A change of pace with Donkey Kong

Oh arcades
Here’s a TOKEN of my distaste
Going out, well it was just a waste
Need a console, play at home

It’s the 8-bit gaming paradigm (changed the world)
The Zapper
I couldn’t hit those ducks, I had to move up

Further upgrades, rockin’ 16 bits
Blow the cartridge, man that was the pits
Then power off because it froze

Continue on
I won the Mushroom Cup with Mario
Almost drove off of the Rainbow Road
Dodged banana, won the race

Oh Mario!

II. The Plumber
(A parody of "Roses"
by Outkast)

Princess Peach (Princess Peach!) Princess Peach
Rescue her from the depths of Bowser’s Keep (then she’ll beseech)
She’ll beseech plumbers with rewards handed out to each
But Luigi found that he wasn’t quite as
Cut out for this kinda thing
Unlike his bro, now
Mario (Mario!)
He eats a magic mushroom to giganticize
He’s twice as tall with fireballs and overalls
(sound effects)

Koopa Troopas tryin’ to bludgeon you
But hop on them with Yoshi
And those turtles will be send to the zoo-o

Thank so much Mario but here’s the thing
Our princess is in another castle
Guess you’ll have to tackle world 2-2

III. The Conquest
(A parody of "Pinball Wizard"
by The Who)

At first I was a skeptic
I loved my PS2
Got hooked on Grand Theft Auto
Didn’t shave or go to school
But then I felt an urge, yeah
That I could not deny
I needed some “foreplay”
And the chicks dig Goldeneye

Tired of standard buttons?
Here’s L and R and Z
And if you wanna burn some fat, man
Go out and get a Wii
Joystick pioneer? Well,
That’s gotta be 64
Let’s face it, Nintendo’s done things
That’s never been done before

A controller with a strap? What the hell is this?
Until I broke a lamp and now my mom is pissed

We’re leavin’ on vacation (not now, mom!)
Just bring your Game Boy

IV. The Throne
(A parody of "The Metal"
by Tenacious D)

You can’t beat Nintendo
Nintendo will prevail

Atari tried to one-up Nintendo
But they failed, and they were pulled from the shelves
Sega tried to outrun (outring?) Nintendo
But they failed, and Sonic was left behind
Playstation tried to destroy Nintendo
Hahaha – game over! And they were sent back to Japan


No one can outplay Nintendo
Always number 1, not 2 or 3
Gangstas playa-hatin’ on Nintendo
But those opposed can never slay the Wii

Xbox tried to frag Nintendo
But Nintendo powered-up
Warcraft tried to raid Nintendo
But Warcraft just got pwned
Dreamcast tried to reset Nintendo
But Dreamcast was f***ing lame
PS3 tried to dethrone Nintendo
But no one likes Blu-Ray

It comes from Godzilla’s bowels!!