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Savannah, Georgia, United States | SELF

Savannah, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Pop




"Triathalon’s “Relationchips”"

Just in time for summer, Savannah-based band Triathalon has released their impressive first EP, Relationchips—a lighthearted, surf rock masterpiece complete with breezy, echoing vocals, wet-sounding guitar reverbs, toe-tapping drum melodies, and (the icing on the cake) a delightfully shimmying tambourine. Texas native, guitarist, and vocalist for Triathalon, Adam Intrator found inspiration in the “awful girls I’ve dated and just being a kid in general.”
The opening song (and my personal favorite), “Relationchips”, is the perfect, playful summer anthem. Adam croons about one of those “awful girls” of his, to an incredibly catchy drum beat and danceable guitar rhythm. Press play for some summer fling therapy.
“Friends” seems to continue the story of heartbreak, with its clever opening lines “Saw his picture again…HE’S MORE THAN A FRIEND!” that you can’t help but scream out with the song. Towards the end, there is a clean breakdown, after which a delightful guitar solo ensues with a soft, sandy sound while Adam delivers a syrupy melody of “ooooo”s.
“HE’S TAKING ME AWAY!” The drum-drenched ballad, “A Song for Brian Mitchell”, has a delicate 50’s edge to it….complete with “la la la”s and a lullaby of semi-acapella crooning to finish it up. Even though the whole song seems to be about wanting to hang out with this Brian character, the melody and charm of the track manages to make up for the dull narrative.
And if there isn’t already an anthem for those young teens looking forward to their early years of college (and freedom) in the fall, “Teenager” must be it. “….I was just sixteen. I didn’t care about anyone. I just cared about me. Teenagers…we’re just teenagers!” If the lyrical bout is too juvenile for you, then you will definitely fall for the Trashmen-esque instrumentals.
The final track, “Dreamsicle”, is a sleepy conclusion to this summery, energetic EP. It reminds me of crawling into the hot back seat of a friend’s car after marinating in murky southern waters. Adam Intrator velvety vocals drip through the speakers just like melting soft-serve, and the mellow guitar lets your mind’s eye pan over a warm and drowsy summer scene.
The EP as a whole is quite impressive, knowing it is the band’s first all-out recording product. The melodies seem to run into each other a bit, the lyrics lack certain dynamics, and at times I feel like I’m listening to the soundtrack of the O.C….but hell, it’s summer. This laid-back album is the perfect complement to it. Grab this EP, your flip flops, and head to the coast!
You can download the EP by naming your own price (FREE-$100.00) at: - The Blue Indian


"Relationchips" (EP, 2011)



Triathalon is the brainchild of Adam Intrator and his collection of songs written during his early years of college. His love of 90’s rock and surf inspired music mixed with lessons of growing up and love learned the hard way helped create a simple and catchy reverb-drenched sound. He quickly collaborated with his friend Alex to produce a 5-song EP (Relationchips). Adam finally had the opportunity to record with the collection of instruments he had envisioned from the beginning. After being asked to play locally, the necessity of a full band was apparent. The majority of the band was assembled in under a week’s time with Alex joining on drums, followed by Mike on bass and Derrick on lead guitar. With only time for one full practice before their first show,the cards were stacked against them. Their ability to mesh with one another from the beginning allowed the show to be a wild success. After the show, Hunter was recruited to help shred on guitar. Since then, the band has been playing locally several times a month and has received praise from blogs and out-of-state radio stations.