Tribal Call

Tribal Call

 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Tribal Call is an all original International Power Trio from Madison Wisconsin U.S.A. We play our own genre of music which we call Psycha-Funka-Triba-Punka. Our origins and influences span the globe from the U.K. The Carribean, the Midwest U.S.A. and beyond. Booking for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012.


Andy and BB played together in the band Waysyde. When Waysyde split up they decided to move in another direction. This new direction became Tribal Call. After a while it became apparent that the drummer was not moving in the new direction and he was replaced. Eric joined the band in the summer of 2010 and finally the unholy trinity was complete. We are currently booking shows for late summer and fall of this year also spring/summer 2012.


Bipolandia 2010 4 song EP
Rearview Visionaries 2009 1 song on compilation
A Bleeding Game 2008 6 song EP

Set List

We currently have two 50 minute sets of originals.